Having done many sports in my life, mainly fencing, wrestling and powerlifting, i can say i know something about training. Having reached a 280kg bodyweight deadlift weighing 80kg with my own training methods i feel comfortable in saying i have quite an expertise in this field, especially power/strength training. I could even say i have a degree in exercise science, but truth is i learned nothing from university, or very little. Most of my knowledge comes from personal trial and error and from studying done on my own. I also know that keto does not work for power athletes, you need sugars or you will burn out, i know for experience how to adapt the primal diet for strength athletes which is not a very easy thing. If you seek consultations on training a strength sport while on a primal diet you found the right person. In my consultation we can arrange from training program, diet, schedule and many other tips depending on your needs. Price will be chosen together making it reasonable for both sides.

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