What is a totem? A totem is the unique personal combination of demonic and animalistic forces present within each one of us. Don’t freak out, demons are not what you have been taught to be. Demons, to say in simple terms, are the animals of the supernatural and are a fundamental component of every human being, with some being positive entities while others tend to be more negative. As in the natural world you can find a friendly koala or a bear that wants to eat you, in the demonic realm there are entities that protect you and others that have interest in damaging you. So no, demon doesn’t equal bad, on the contrary.

The demonic forces are a great source of strength and are fundamental in a well balanced human being.

This said, as each one of us has unique finger prints, each one of us has unique totems. Thanks to Cristopher Taylor, who has found only the gods know how, a way to expose the natural skin patterns on the forehead trough a computer program, we can now see the marvelous totemic figure combinations we have on the front of our heads. We are proud to give the deserved visibility to this incredible discovery of our times by offering the opportunity, if desired, to have Christofer unmasking trough his special method your own personal totem with the only necessity of sending us an hd foto of your face.

This is an example of what Cristofers work is about on his youtube channel eyespy, please have an open mind on this as it is probably one of the craziest things you have seen in your life. We wanted to clear, after closed minded people mocked this outstanding discovery, to promise that this offer is no trickery to steal your earnings as we, contrary to the great majority of people nowadays, still have a sense of honor and dignity with the only desire of being remunerated for offering quality and truth, not garbage. We hope that, through this, people can understand how magic and incredible is the realm we live in lighting at the same time a fire of curiosity in truth seeking souls.

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