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Detox is unluckily a very miscomprehended and misused term. This is mainly thanks to the vegans that use this term without even knowing what they are talking about and the medical cast, that being trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals, are taught to totally dismiss the whole concept of this fundamental process of the animal body.

Unluckily, always thanks to the modern human beings that want to turn as all into cows, detox is associated with raw vegetables, fruits and even supplements. Nobody would ever remotely symbolize raw meat and fat or even better, high meat, with detoxing and cleansing of the body. It would be considered insane, but as always in a world based on lies, the truth is the opposite of mainstream thought(aka non thought). Many raw vegetables and raw fruits are, must sound incredible for many, toxic for the organism! They cleanse a damn nothing. It is not a known fact that while animals defend themselves with claws and fangs plants have biochemical warfare as their tool of defence. In fact also plants want to live and are full of toxins to punish the eater that will think twice before doing it again. Only modern humans, who are totally brainwashed into considering them extremely healthy and have lost touch with their natural instinct, eat voluntarily crap like broccoli or spinach everyday full of oxalates and many other toxins. Fruits instead have way loss of the toxins and do have a role in detox, but if consumed with no saturated fat, they can create sugar spikes that damage nerves and pancreas creating AGE’s and acrilamydes resulting again….. TOXIC! Supplements are creation of big pharma, they are undercover pharmaceuticals that have nothing what so ever to do with health, on the contrary: they are extremely toxic foreign compounds to the body as for the example the often prescribed vitamin d that is commonly used also as rat poison because of its kidney destroying properties.

So what is really detox and how do we truly detox our bodies?

Detox is the act of the body with which, through the lymphatic system mainly, it cleanses itself of decaying cells and toxic deposits stored in the various tissues.

What are dead cells caused by? Malnutrition and toxins that can come from food, air and liquids such as: junk food, vaccines, emf, chemtrails, industrial chemicals,, food additives, drugs, pharmaceuticals, trauma(both physical and psychological), pollution. These are the factors that are truly causing mass cell necrosis in modern people. Considering that most modern people get vaccinated, eat regularly junk food, live in cities full of car exhaustions and emf, “sanitize” their houses with industrial chemicals and do many drugs, you can understand the gravity of the situation.

This also comes paired up, as if it wasn’t enough, with the lack of enzymes and fundamental nutrients only found in raw animal products, making it extremely hard for the body to rebuild its cells. The act of detox, in synthesis, is to get death and toxic deposits that cause necrosis out of the body and to replace those empty places with live cells increasing overall vitality and propensity towards life.

How does the body detox?

The body has a propensity towards life and will always try to improve its condition. The body even if malnourished will try to detox in some way because of this principle, but to create life you have to eat life and to avoid death you have to stop eating dead cooked food. So, all replacement and rejuvenation will be done mostly through raw flesh while the cleansing will mostly be done through fats, witch are the only substance that can effectively protect against toxins. Bacteria, parasites and virus in the mean time feast on dead cells and toxins giving strength to the healthy ones at the same time. This very unpleasant process of extraction should be mainly done through the lymphatic system and skin perspiration, but since our lymphs are so clogged up from seed oils, our body is forced to expel many toxins also trough the intestines into the feces, witch is far from being optimal since the gut lining and its nerves will deeply suffer from the contact with the toxins. To make it short, the two most powerful food for detox are fat and rotten meat, very far from the kale juice ideal we have been taught.

High meat in fact is incredibly detoxifying and should be eaten with care, in small amounts and in a well programed diet. The bacteria and parasites inside of it are great vitality boosters and love feasting on the dead tissue proofing themselves to be, once again, great allies in a properly nourished body.

Detox is overall a long process and we, raw meat eaters, will have to go through episodes of it for a pretty long time: 35 years of primal diet according to Aajonus to have a completely healthy body basing his conclusions on the studies pottenger made on his cats. You don’t have to worry though! Health wont be a prize at the end of the road but a progressive conquest with many satisfactions.

It is so essential to talk extensively about this topic , of which we just touched the tip of the iceberg, that we are gonna dedicate an entire section to it. You can say detox is the dark side of this way of eating, but its truly not so. The real pain will come if you don’t take the garbage out of the body as for example the fluoride i detoxed with a really strong fever after 4 months of primal: my gums were like paralized, terrible headache, nauseated, could barely move for 5 days, but what happened on the sixth day? My mouth suddenly started tasting like the same fluoride the dentist used to put in my mouth for up to 20 minutes. Exactly the same taste. It was a very tough week but i’d go through it a dozen of times more if it is necessary to take out that poison from my brain witch could of maybe caused brain cancer or mental issues down the road, and as a prize for going through that harsh process my mental clarity increased two fold.

Its a tough life for us moderns, way tougher than that of our ancestors, and detox is simply the war of the body against the toxins of modernity, an inevitable process if we want again peace and health inside of us.

Hoping that i cleared you some doubts about this argument,
Prodacle Armato

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