Bacteria power (part 1)

It is my theory that the great amount of bacteria present in fermented animal products replicates sun light exposure on a energetic level at a intra-cellular plain. I start to think that fermented high meat and dairy are FUNDAMENTAL for human health and are the real key for regaining our true potential back. “Rotten” foods might be the biggest piece of the nutrition puzzle and the element that everybody under values. I am not talking about cheese, sauerkraut, couple day clabbered milk or liver that is from one week in the fridge, i am talking about extremely fermented high meats or milk that became alcoholic, the powerful stuff.

People are fine with cooked meat, many accept raw, but who speaks about a year smelly putrid liver? Isn’t that what we have been more conditioned to be afraid of? The dangers of bacteria is one of the first brainwash they impose upon us: wash your hands Timmy or you cannot eat! Don’t go on the floor Jack i still didn’t disinfect it with toxic cancerogenic chemicals! Don’t play with the dog he is dirty! Don’t drink raw milk, its dangerous because of harmful bacteria! And so on.

We know little about the powers or properties of such fermented foods but luckily we do know thanks to the healer something: the high meat has bacteria that feed on degenerative tissue, that the bacteria predigested molecules and protein feed directly the brain bypassing the digestive tract, that it heals the gut and that it can drastically enhance mental sharpness and overall vitality with anti-depression properties. We are literally eating life in its most basic form: bacteria. Bacteria are life and light within our bodies, the more there are the more vitality you will have. These microscopic creatures are so powerful they can destroy dangerous toxins in extremely quick times, so are bacteria the most important “nutrient” for an animal? Are they truly the missing link to optimal health, detox and longevity?

Enzymes and high meat

We start aging when we loose vitality, both of body and of spirit, it is natural law. Enzyme depletion is one of the main factors behind aging, without enzymes everything works slower and gets older, but what about bacteria? What if depriving ourselves of bacteria rich foods is limiting our human potential? Enzyme depletion and usage is due to different factors and it is inevitable, we can only slow it down. There are 3 main things that deplete the body of enzymes and cause usage: stress of any kind, heavy exercise and diet.

As the healer explained, eating food void of enzymes will force you to use your own deposits thus causing increased aging but cooked food are also void of bacteria that also play a role in digestion, maybe even more than enzymes. Raw food on the other hand is full of enzymes and has bacteria but is not predigested which could mean that some digestive power and minimal enzymatic leaching is still required. High food on the other hand is predigested, has enzymes and aids digestion meaning it can actually ADD to your enzymatic stores instead of using them; with fermented foods you barely need any digestive power and energy, they do everything be themselves, it is almost as if you were fasting but at the same time eating, you are getting the best of both worlds. If bacteria represent life, and toxins and dead cells absence of life, eating these little creatures equals to filling your organism with light energy, in the end it seems to be all a great process of replacing, this whole concept of detox. In absence of life there is death and the more life there is, the less the disease and the food that increases vitality the most is bacteria filled high meat.

Bacteria are dependent on moisture, dryness stops their proliferation and apparently dryness even stops enzymatic action so it is apparent that these two are correlated and dependent on each other for action, for this reason i do not consider cheese as a high food: it is dry.

Nothing dry is truly alive, by avoiding raw foods, bacteria and enzymes your body internally will become a great desert, and we all know on a macro cosmical level what originated from the desert, this can even happen within our organism. I would say this is truly the sacred trinity of cellular and organism health: enzymes, bacteria and bioavailable nutrient bond water.

Anything that causes cellular dehydration, bacteria death or mass enzyme usage is very unhealthy. What comes to our mind that those all 3 of these actions? Salt, but this rock and its toxicity deserves a full article on its own. So high meat creates a perfect medium for life within the body having all three of the the trinity in great amounts but the body can tolerate changes only at a certain pace so overdoing fermented foods, especially in the beginning with a very “desertic” body, can overheat the system and create very dangerous, even fatal, problems. It is like changing an entire eco system in a couple of days instead of decades, the local flora and fauna will not have time to adapt to it and will perish.


Fermented fish has been used by the eskimo to increase the power and resistance of their dogs, Romans used garum(fermented sardines) on their legionaires for the same reason, those fellows were able to march up to 40km a day with a complete set of armor and utensils that weighed around 40 kg to then rest and go to battle the next day. People were tougher back in the day, both spiritually and physically. On the physical side of things, was it because they never sterilized anything and consistently ate fermented fish? Garum was a staple in a roman diet and was actually eaten with most meals, in my opinion this was one of the main tools that allowed Rome to conquer half of the know world. Since enzymes and bacteria are pretty much correlated and symbiontic it could also mean that these little fellows have a catalitic function speeding up bodily processes and by such increasing energy.

Bacteria might be for the body what the sun is for the earth, you will survive with little but you will truly start thriving when they are both plentiful.

Psychoactive effect

High meat, milk and eggs are highly powerful on the psyche. I even had incredible allucinations (some even scary) from high doses of high meat. Aajonus says the reasons for this is that the predigested matter bypasses the digestive tract and feeds directly the nervous system. An other reason is the amplified neurotransmitter production as a response of the body for giving it such powerful alive food, very simply I just think that the organism is very thankful and happy for what you are feeding it and rewards you with this joy trophy. I have never seen dogs so exited for food than when you take some fermented meat out of the fridge, we probably ate that stuff with our hairy friends in primordial times. One of the reasons why dogs and humans have always lived together in my opinion is because they also shared a very similar diet.

Eskimo kids also were very excited when it was high meat time and started jumping around so it is apparent from observing creatures with still natural instinct intact that rotten meat was extremely prized by ancestral human beings. Humans have also an innate curiosity towards substances that alter the psyche, could this be because our “drug” of choice was high meat back in the day? Are we still seeking the magical effects of this food with artificial and harmful drugs? In my opinion, yes.

European winter and depression

No sun light is not good for a human being and there is no true remedy for absence of sun rays but in the past fermented foods were definitely used as a tool to battle and mitigate the ill effects of the lack of sun. Fermented meats are probably the best cure for winter depression.

There will certainly be a second part down the road about this incredibly fascinating argument. These are all personal theories and observations and have nothing of “scientific”. I will continue testing out these foods on my self, even in large amounts, and observe the results keeping you guys updated.

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