Collection of inspired poetry of different authors. Every body can write me their inspired poems and send them , if i like them i will add them here.



I am Superior

I am Supreme

I am Ascending

I am Transcending

I am my left and right embodied energy from within to without radiating with Thors lightning. Flashing Odin’s pure light throughout the cosmos

I am Divine

I am Unlimited

I am Victorious Victory, never to be defeted!

Hail Glourius triumph!

Seig heil!


Is your heart lighter than a feather? Prove your divinity with the most powerful substance in the universe, your purest intention to create paradise on earth selflessly. Manifested in the sacrifice of your Blood. And make the journey to the mother goddess. Drinking from the living waters with the holy grail and thus open the locks of your Carbon 666 ”prison cells” meat pack
Crossing the rainbow bridge, blowing the Gjallarhorn to sound your entre to the long house. Feasting with the gods of Valhalla into your true infinite potential as an Ascended master a Aetherial superhuman.
All hail the horned gods. Long live the morning day star. Praise the holy father shining his light over our mother. Together climbing the Olympus within to shine the guiding light of briliance, wisdom and maternal protection and destruction. Because we are the flaming serpents being reborn in phosphorescent purifing flames in the unknown realm of the abyss, sheding our skin in order for the gilded feathers too spread it’s wings.


I am a fool

I am all and nothing 

I am what ever you want me to be.

I am beyond the limitations of worldly desires. It is not about what you believe, it is what you intended to do about it.

All is all and life is life. I do my shit and you do your shit. It is what it is. We do not judge! 

Take me to the deepest pit and i will show you the highest mountain and back.

Ascend with me to be all. You are you and i am i, let there be madness in one ⭕


Albion o Albion why have thee beauty been swallowed by the lion serpent, feasted upon in a freinse of treachery and decsite. O Albion your crescent shine of forest covered green and red pure light. Is now the light of gray of your perfiudus deeds.

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