Without war there is no life. This is a hard reality for a modern man to accept, conditioned to love “peace”, understood mostly as the absence of violence rather than true peace.

The problem of the modern world is the transformation of war. We have passed from battles between noble warriors who fought for glory and transcendence from the miserable material life and humanitarian, to the war for survival in a spiritually dying world. From the battle of Thermopylae to the battle for who is more popular, rich, handsome or nice.

The truth is that through war, ancient man sought and obtained freedom. The virile man of antiquity made war to break the subjugation of the fear of death and a healthy disgust of falling in a life of sentimentality and interest in material things. The modern man is a slave not to the system, but to himself.

Modern man yields to fear in every area of life, a slave to his lowest instincts, unable to control himself. We went from the legionnaire going into battle with a smile on his face, to the little boy who complains about everything without even having the courage to throw a punch to an enemy.

From knife duels in the early 1900s, we’ve moved on to “I’ll sue you bastard!”. Our generation is a bunch of filthy faggots with no balls. Instead of growing up with fathers. manly, hairy-chested, strong arm, ready to teach us the way to become men, we grow up with neurotic mothers who lead us into a spiritual faggotry. Instead of being educated to be respectful, fair, strong and hard we are brought up by maternal caresses and cuddles. becoming a softy.

A lot of today’s poor kids today, psychically and physically fragile as never before, they end up going to psychologists who will do nothing but lead them to self-pity and further weakening, often resulting in turn them into fags. Psychology is unhealthy for a guy like that: what he would really is need someone ready to teach him how to get stronger, not to lick his wounds all the time. Only a warrior society can know true peace.

True inner peace is only for the Spartans, Romans, Picts and anyone who went to war ready to die for glory. Anyone who is a slave to the fear of death can never declare himself at peace. For this I say that war is the only way to have peace within us. It must be said that unfortunately technology has completely ruined the beauty of physical warfare.

For so much so that today’s man is left with nothing but a spiritual warfare against his own inferiorities and internal weaknesses, the real war is to break free from the gilded cage that society has put us in. The act, for a man of today who wants to make war, can be to leave behind all the his useless bourgeois city activities and return to being a shepherd in the open country.

The act of preferring a cot in a caravan to a mattress in a two-room apartment in milan is in itself a statement of war on the system. Sacrificing useless comforts to achieve something far more precious, freedom, today is an act of war. Better death than imprisonment. Just by repeating this concept, maybe one day we could be free again.

Until that day, we won’t be real men, but bipeds with a meat pad between their thighs.

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