Must be served as cold as high mountain snow, it must strike suddenly like an avalanche. Don’t forget who hurt or betrayed you, don’t turn the other cheek, put a knife in the drawer with the name of the infamous and pull it out when the waters seem calmer and there is no suspicion of a wave. With sidereal peace cut the throat of your cowardly enemy, show him your fiery gaze staring him in the eye as life abandons his body as rotten as his soul. It remains the responsibility of the righteous to do justice, if it is not done the scum will continue to sprinkle this magical land with filth. The spirits of such carrion must be sent back into the abyss of emptiness from which they were generated: no threats, no words, no letters. Action, beheading. Barking dogs do not bite, and we do not bark. The enemy must be put down because the wounds he inflicted on your soul are as tangible as the putrid black blood he will see from his corrosive veins at the moment of penetration. Worst of all is the traitor, the flagitious one to whom you open the doors of your heart that he chooses to stab when you least expect it, torture before death is strongly recommended for such individuals, a quick and painless end would be all too generous a gift.

As Marcus Aurelius said, do not stoop to the level of the enemy, honor must be maintained. No threats to family members who have nothing to do with it, it would be cowardly, we would become like them, we would have lost. The target is one, the enemy or the traitor, it takes precision as the one of an assassin.

Honorable was the way of the past to challenge to a duel anyone who would cause you serious offense, mortal duel, but will the cowardly looser be willing to accept it? Will he abide by the rules of combat? Is such a proposal worthy for a traitor? Does he deserve the respect of a duel or does he deserve to be hooded and chained in his terror until the end of his useless days? The avenger has the choice but it must be said that the duel is the purest and most pleasing way for the gods. May the strongest win, for purity of soul is strength of arm and the infernal beast flees before the heavenly fury.

The offence to one’s honour or the betrayal of one of the inner circle is punished, who turns the other cheek on such an occasion is weak, inept and cowardly. He who seeks and desires revenge, heroic and brave. Let justice be done in a duel, as in ancient times. Lawyers and law only serve to protect women, children, the sick and the elderly, but a man who can consider himself as such must learn to take justice for himself. However understand, before you have established with deep reflection detached as far as possible from your volcanic emotions, if you are really right. Be honest with yourself, has such a person hurt your honor, heart, trust or your ego? Think hard because revenge is war and war is expensive.

I remind, to conclude, that it is the duty of the good to execute and that leaving the evildoers unpunished is an insult to oneself and to the divine nature. If one throws a slap on your cheek, justice wants a club to be thrown on his teeth, one must be a real man, a pagan, not a christian. Let the desert merchants from the slime turn the other cheek, we shall follow the path of the gods, not of the worms.

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