Be a star. Every star is unique. Individuality is the true place of honor. Not everybody has the strength to be a star, many people stopped aspiring to be stars. Do not be like them. The world is in such a dark place nowadays because nobody wants to be a star anymore, everybody is scared shitless of their true potential, of truly shining, of seeking illumination. Why? What is their to be scared of? Isn’t a life of darkness and obscure mediocrity what we should really be afraid of? By mediocre i am not talking about results: money, business, family, friends. I am talking about not being yourself, being scared of pursuing what you really want, being scared of what other people think, going around all the time with a big mask, surviving instead of living because you do not trust yourself nor life anymore, this is horribly MEDIOCRE.

Be who you ARE, say what you truly THINK, do what you want to DO, be a FREE man.

Follow your heart, follow your inner guide, she knows better than your mind. Be crazy, insanity is one of the highest form of liberation. Isn’t the real insanity to be scared of insanity? Isn’t the whole world we live in completely insane? What is it to be scared of insanity, of being crazy like little children. Kids are crazy because they are still free, kids follow their belly and heart not their brain, kids have wisdom, reconnect to your child spirit, run naked in the mountains shouting like a baboon if it comes natural to you, masturbate to a rock while laughing like a madman, talk with yourself and giggle like a baby, if someone is bothering you and does not have the will of stopping, and you desire him to do so, punch him in the face straight if you feel like it! Be a man, punch in the face, do not stab in the back, even your enemy will appreciate your brutal honesty!

We have two options: put a mask on and fake that we are “normal” people for all of our lives and be slaves to our fears and weaknesses, or we can actually live and enjoy life and be ourselves. But being yourself means being a crazy motherfucker, a crazy life of joy and madness. Every human is like this, who denies it is fighting his own nature, he will not be a healthy person, he will be truly INSANE but not in a good sense. I know these people with big masks, they are fake all the time and will never take their masks off, because they are scared shitless of what they truly are. These people tend to do the most weird and fucked up things of them all, these people are incredibly INSANE and will call INSANE who is actually SANE, beware of these people. Beware of people obsessed with appearance, hygiene, manners and all of this smelly bullshit, These people are MEDIOCRE and are guided by fear, they are loosers of life, they have only to learn from you, riappropriate yourself of your rightful upper position, do not let these people influence your life or you will become a MEDIOCRE looser like them.

Putting your mask on will create venom in your soul, instead of creating light and shining you will create darkness, you will start to be incredibly jealous of true people. If you do not like someone, make him understand it, trust your instinct, always, it knows better than yourself! Rationality is a tool of the instinct, if it becomes unchained from the heart master it will make you become the worst of idiots! In italian mind is called mente, and to lie is said mentire. The brain lies to you constantly, the heart does not know how to do so on the other hand.

The only true failure in life is to follow your brain and not your heart. All the rest is not failure but success even in what is perceived as “failure” by your mind. If all you truly care about is having a farm, running around naked in the countryside, having fun with friends, fighting, having some sex with a lady and go hunt with your dogs but instead you choose to pursue “success”: money, fame, a perfect family or shit like that, you will be the worst of the loosers, you will have actually failed at life.

The real reason i hate so much this fucking system, it is because it is designed on any level to bring you to this failure, this system hates stars and is incredibly jealous of them. There is truly no freedom, there are an insanity of laws, of social dogmas, it is nothing else than prison for your soul. Why do people have to work everyday, all day, just to survive? Why do people accept this, it is INSANE! It is the worst form of torture! Lets free from this cage, lets start living again instead of surviving, lets learn again to shine like stars, all different from one another, all in their rightful position shining upon each other from a place of individuality. Seek madness, laugh with yourself, laugh at how fucking crazy and insane every human actually is, our craziness is actually the best of the gifts and is the only path to real sanity. Normality is a choice of spiritual suicide, do you want to be normal and fade in nothingness, or do you want to be a star and shine with joy in the beautiful abyss? Hail life, the true one, hail luciferian craziness and the sparkle in the eyes of the truly enlightened, the guides of their selves.

With a big erection,

Prodacle Armato

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