When a modern day man hears this word, only negative ideas come to his mind. Religion is seen as a stupid dogma and an imprisonment of the mind. I cannot blame modern people about this since the residual concept of religion is nearly only based on the 3 abrahamic ones( islam, christianity and judaism), or on highly degenerated forms of buddhism.

The word religo comes from latin and it means to bind onto something. Binding yourself to something is not necesseraly a negative thing. You can bind yourself through marriage to a woman you truly love so you can create a beautiful family or you can bind yourself to a stupid bitch that only wants your money. Binding is not intrinsically bad, it is what you choose to bind yourself to that makes the difference. Human beings, for structure of their psychology and spirit need to bind themselves to something, it is something deep. Otherwise you are like a sailor always in sea who never approaches land, always traveling and never truly full filled, not really living life but being lived by it. The river of life is drowning you if you do not choose an island on which to stay, it is the equivalent of nichilism for the spirit. People always floating are not attached to anything, have no real values, are weak and depressed. To float is an incredibly UNNATURAL state of being, humans HATE floating around in the sea. From this i will pass to my next point: since humans don’t like floating they will bind themselves to something, humans are land beings not fish. So you like it or not, you will find yourself in one religion or another. Materialism, veganism, any obsession on diet, any obsession of anything material, naturalism, sport obsession, transhumanism, progresissm, sexualism, obsession for woman, attachment to ideologies such as communism, fascism, nazism, new age bullshit and so on are all RELIGIONS. They are islands on which you decided to stay on. For this reason i laugh when people mock religions of all kinds, they are fools. They are religious and they don’t even know it. 

Lets make it clear that abrahamic religions have nothing in common with the ones of ancient aryan cultures, on the contrary they are mostly antithetic. While abrahamic religions are purposely designed to enslave people and weaken them in front of a monotheistic “god” (which in reality is a demon), ancient pagan aryan religions such as the one of the classical, vedic, norse, slavic, iranic, shintoist cultures brought freedom to their people freeing them from the various degeneracies of the material world. Ancient cultures were designed on love for life and sincronisity with natures supernatural forces (gods). They had the deepest knowledge of the reality we live in, a knowledge that has been passed from father to child since the dawn of these people in a time where the myths say that indoeuropeans lived with the gods themselves in perfect harmony in a land called hyperborea. Our forefathers didn’t beg god, they didn’t kneel to him in fear and desperation. Our forefathers standed straight with a high chest and had a natural respect and love for their gods, gods that only want harmony for human beings, gods that actually praised few elects worthy of such to ascension to their realm. Gods that fully recognized the dignity of a human being. These gods are the supernatural forces behind the manifestation of this realm, you cannot speak about nature without speaking about gods. It is like watching a painting without remembering that someone must of actually drawn it. 

I am not here, in a brief article, gonna take the incredible effort that brilliant minds have taken in all of their life time to manage to decriptify the way ancient people perceived life. For this i suggest the studying of different books, to start with: revolt against the modern world, pagan imperialism, hinduism of Guenon. When you will have read those books you will have understood still very little of the deepness of the pagan thought but you will still probably feel the beauty and power of it. 

Aryanism is about making love to this realm, christianity is about hating it in all its shades. Ancient pagan religions were about embracing the beauty, power, glory of this world not about destroying it. Do not put all religions under the same banner. It is wrong and only an ignorant person would do it. The traditions of our forefathers is still in our blood, or in atleast in the blood of the people that the gods still think fit to have such traditions. Casuality does not exist, it is a religion itself. So my overall point of this article is that you will have to choose an island for your life. You can choose materialism, christianity, new age crap. I personally chose, or it chose me, the traditions and religions of my ancient italic forefathers. I can sense it in my blood, it is not foreign for me like the judaic christian bullshit. I found gods that promote strength, purity, harmony and beauty. I found knowledge that gets passed down from generation to generation from the golden age of hyperborea. I found a place of glory where weakness is mocked not praised. I found the tradition of ancient warriors, the tradition of men with balls of steel, i finally found the path of my blood that some people out of the desert doesn’t want us to have. 

Before ending this article i have to make a premise: paganism is not an ideology. The big difference between ancient cultures and abrahamic derived one is the presence of ritual practice. This is probably incomprehensible to a modern day mind, but through the rituals of our forefathers it is possible indeed to connect to these supernatural forces. You have been fooled into thinking that rituals are useless stuff done by primitive people. Native americans didn’t dance around a fire because they were baboons, they did it as a ritual that was passed from their ancient forefathers, a ritual that put them in communion with their gods. a life and culture without ritual has truly not a real meaning. Life can go on without rituals but it is not real life. This is how important rituals actually are and how much we have been fooled to think they are bullshit by the same people that practice them regularly according to their traditions. 

I also have to do another premise: i’m not a christian, i have no interest in converting the reader to paganism, i truly do not give a fuck, but the purpose of this project is to put truth and knowledge out there and i hate people like Varg Vikernes that promote an incredibly childish and retarded view of paganism based on pure ignorance and abrahamic residuals. I want people to atleast aknowledge even only the tip of the iceberg of what was the healthy way of viewing life of our ancestors. This is stuff we have in our blood. This is the real power source, raw meat is nothing compared to this. I also want to warn the reader of the dangers of materialism, a way of viewing life that has only existed in very recent times and is incredibly damaging to the soul.- The same people that promote materialism are the less materialists of all, this should make you think .

To conclude i recommend the reader to properly choose the island you want to end up on. If you want to end up seeking money or woman its fine. If you want to think like sv3rige that raw meat will make you ascend go for it. If you want to prey a crucified weakling fuck you. If your goal is to find a woman and reproduce like a monkey good. I personally prefer the mountains of hyperborea, but to each their own.  

Hail Iuppiter and my ancestors. May the blood of europe win against the medio oriental disease of spirit. Sieg heil! May the glorious ones find the path they deserve, may the rest be absorbed again by the putrid abyss of the decaying swamps of modernity. This is indeed a meritocratic world.

6 thoughts on “Religion”

  1. When you say you want to go for the mountains of hyoerborea what do you exactly mean(as a way of living i mean, im familiar with the hyperborean legend) and also i get it when you say that an obsession, and i repeat an obsession, towards anything will always become your religion, and therefore one must choose wisely what to attach to, but lets say one likes lifting or writing or any kind of activity, would it be considered a religion if one cultivates it in a non obsessive way? I get that religion in the sense of practicing ones traditions’ rituals is fundamental and embodying what ones culture(true culture i mean) consists of is key, but realistically how does one survive without money? how does one live healtily(both in mind and spirit)if he doesnt engage in stimulating activities/takes care of himself ecc.?I get your point of view but i really couldnt imagine it applied practically(maybe im limited or ignorant).Like what i get is that in order to live a meaningful live one has to put his ancestor religion at the foundation, but doesnt one also need to “do stuff” in a passive nihilist way? i mean i like to do this and that but in the end it doesnt really matter?
    btw great articles, they really make you think.

    1. Prodacle Armato

      thank you for this comment, i love your email. i am glad my articles stimulate your thought. to answer to your question, everything is important if it is in it’s place and within a determinate order of things, the problem of the modern world is the loss of hierarchy and order that brought to a twisting and subversion of what is more important with what has less importance. the greatness of ancient societes was to value everything in it’s place and put everything where it needed to be put.

      1. Let me see if i get what you say: lets take for example lifting weights, in an ancient society training for war wouldve been a necessary thing for a warrior that wanted to be called as such, and therefore represented a part of its life, the problem is that if this “duty” or id rather say necessity for strenght in order to defend ones society degenerates and ones only objective is to train 6 hours a day just to show in a competition that he can squat 300 kg then it becomes unealthy as youre making the basis of your life(the religion of your life) something that has no meaning, wich serves no purpose and cant be inserted in any order of things(im not saying competitions are bad per se, just i mean they dont serve any purpose as such and therefore wont give you anything in return).
        Just thinking out loud

        1. Prodacle Armato

          it is the overall view of life oft he ancients that needs to be regathered. where the sacred and magical deepness of life was sensed not thinked. your way of aproaching this matter is modern, “philosophical” and hyperrational. this is the real problem.

          1. oh i see, but i find it hard to imagine, like how would you describe practically and in a tangible way what the ancient magical and sacred view of the world was like?
            And also what are some good sources in your opinion to understand well, in a sistematic and methodic(the most possible for this matter that is to say) the occult?.(introduction to magic by the UR group?)

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