No cults, no dogmas

This is very important for me to clear out. These articles represents thoughts of mine in different phases of my life and all come from a deep passion. Bank robbery for example was written when i was in the sv3rige mindset of things and vendetta when i was seriously contemplaiting of killing a person that was creating me problems, the point is i am a young person in constant evolution and do not want to create a cult of my persona in any kind, i want, by giving you food for thought, to stimulate the desire within my readers to seek their personal path for themselves. I want people to become the king of their own psyche, mainly through paganism and raw meat, i do not want mindless followers. I want to surround myself with strong, pure and intelligent people for the upcoming war, i do not want slaves. I do not want sheep, i want that people learn to follow their own path. I know a lot of important things, but i am still far from being arrived at my destination, i just barely started to walk. I want to help the people who deserve it to also learn how to walk in a world designed on purpose to cripple us. My articles are not carved in stone, my thought and spiritual development is constantly in metamorphosis since i am a seeker of truth and life. Read my articles and get what you need out from them, do not use them as a bible. I would like to help people go on a road of pure individuality but this is a premise for very few chosen ones. Many people are human herbivores and by nature cannot seek individuality but need a shepperd, i have no interest whatsoever in those people, i seek the spiritual carnivores, the ones that want to be wolves in this world of spiritual grass eaters, there are many shepperds out there for the sheep.

Read my articles and critic them harshly if necessary but be sure that your critique comes out of a place of rationality and clear thought not of peasant emotionality and stupidity. Intelligent critiques are the greatest of gifts i can aspect from my readers.

An other important thing for me to clarify, is that i will not put out all of my knowledge on paper since paganism and magic, which are arguments i just barely touched myself, are for very few people and require a certain kind of soul to be understood, i will not give sacred knowledge to profane people. I will not give pearls to pigs, but i can give you some of the tools that helped me reach the route i am on now, the route of truth seeking, but you will have to do yourself for the most part. I am not saying that the reader is a pig, do not get me wrong, but for laws of probability and considering how many pigs are out there, even in the primal community, 90 percent of my readers will probably be pigs. ( I would hope less but i lost optimism a long while a go on this matter)

If you have ever written something, you will know that its not so granted the fact that you are properly transmitting your thought on paper, it is not that easy at you might think. Some concepts for this reasons are too complicated to pass on another person via writing, for me.

As I wrote many times i’m searching for a spiritual aristocracy, for people that seek infinity out of life and desire knowledge and truth and have an innate hate towards lies and dogmas, people that have an innate predisposition to hate anything that is impure and inferior, people with still a primordial instinct in them. This is entirely the goal of this project and the reason for which i’m doing all of this since harsh times are ahead of us, and wolves stay better when in a pack.

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