New age

New age is an ideology of abrahamic christian derivation. While new agers apparently bash christianity, there ideals are constructed on the teachings of christ. To love everyone, we are all one, we are all equal, no violence, love is the only answer are all tremendously christian concepts. 

In fact new age was a movement pushed by freemasonry in the 1960, and freemasonry is also built on christian/catholic views of eguitaliarism of libertè, fraternite, egualitè even if they are the last ones to respect them, but freemasons are some of the most hypocrit humans on earth. They push for democracy when billionaires, for equality when they are the first ones to consider themselves superior to the masses, Fecal matter, this is freemasonry, but lets go on. 

So in freemasonry there are different internal factions, new age was very likely pushed by the neoaristocratic side as a psychic weapon against the masses. 

New age is a mental disease, an illusion based on ignorance and weakness. 

Love is the only answer they say, we are gods under human form, nothing exists other than our consciousness, this is all a game and illusion, we cannot loose. What a pile of bullshit from people that completely dismiss all ancient traditions and the teachings of their forefathers.  

An ideology for weaklings with no warrior spirit, for people who instead of grabbing a sword and sacrificing their lives prefer chanting to themselves the mantra of “it is all love”.

These people also discredit all type of traditions and have no connection or interest in the cults of their ancestors, they have no connection to there land. They usually end up in tropical islands on the other side of the world and build their community around the ego of a master. 

I can understand why these people choose their path in a way. In a world where there is emptiness wherever you turn around it comes as a shelter to get stuck in this mindset but what i really cannot stand of these people is the arrogance into thinking they are superior to everyone.

Demons and gods do not exist they say, its all in your consciousness. Yeah buddy, go tell that to some esoterist that knows what he is doing or to some native american shaman, he will slap you in the face and say “kid, this is a place for men, go say your stupid crap somewhere else”. 

Hilarious was the story of milkjar where in a native american sweat lodge some new age dudes started saying some newage crap to the shaman who just dismissed them telling to shut the fuck up. This is the difference between a serious person and a new age fan boy, the first is a serious man the second is a child under a spell.

New age is the opposite path of becoming a man, for this reason new age sects are woman dominant and this ideology has more leverage on weak minded woman than men. 

For their no violence bases it is obvious that new age is against everything with a warrior spirit and for such reason new age tends towards veganism or fruttarianism. 

To sum it up, new age is a complete modern fenomena created on purpose by freemasonry to keep the masses in ignorance and away from their true traditions. New age is against violence so they are completely inoffensive to the system. New age is a spiritual trap on every level and i heavily warn the reader to stay away from it, and no, you are not a fucking god but a weak modern day human being trapped in ignorance and confusion. 

Give me a sword and stick your love up your ass, farewell newage boy, i chose the path of truth as harsh as it may be, not a fake light. 

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