Degenerate slaves walk on the lands that once were of the great ancients, noble men of many talents, flaming stars in comparison with the putrescent meat golems of the 21st century.

Masses without a soul, automatons of any shape and size, move in these cities as if guided by the void of the abyss. For sure these impure lumps of rotten meat are not of my same species.

Homosexuals, vegans, ateists, transumanists, materialists, femminists, transexuals, comunists, relativists, New agers, anti humans, enviromentalists, cristians, muslims, corrupted buddhists, men without balls, woman without sweetness, jews, genetic garbage only alive because of big pharma and agriculture. All of this our shepperds call progress, i call it blasfemy and insult to the gods, the real ones. These beasts came out with the darkness of kali yuga, a dark but maybe necessary and overall unique age. If on one side there is the fashion of horror in seeing this macabre show from what is an ancient soul like mine, on the other hand there is horror in seeing with my eyes what the race of humans has become.

For such I chant with the gods with the wish that this sea of degeneration will end back in the deepest of the abyss, only place it deserves to be in.

Glory to the divine, to the gods and to myself. May we all learn from these times of destruction and may we come out of them stronger and more wise.

With deep hate, one of the most beautiful emotions of all,

Prodacle Armato

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