The human condition has only one true meaning to it: to be transcended. If you do not live your life with such a goal, your life has no real meaning. We are born us humans to get rid of our human condition. This is a war camp, a challenge, a battle of wolves and the gods are watching. It is righteous to look with disgust to anybody or anything that limits the human condition to sentimentalism, peace, materialism or happiness. These things are nothing if they are not part of a bigger circle and if they are not part of such they have no value whatsoever. As i said before happiness gets boring quick, peace needs to be alternated with war or its not truly a peace and this whole christian/newage concept of sentimentalism, where this form of “love” is seen as the highest goal of a human being, is the biggest enemy of true humans. Love is a way deeper concept than what these weaklings portrait it to be. Love is only obtained through freedom. Love is anything immortal, infinite. Amore, the italian word for love, means absence of death. It has nothing to do with the modern day conception of it. True love is the divine manifestation that transcends good and bad, true love is primordial infiniteness. Through war, ancient people seeked love. Through war, ancient people seeked freedom and the overcoming of this human condition. It is only when the only thing that you truly fear is fear itself that the gods will be happy to accept you in their valhalla. A real god is like a father, he wants their children to become men. He wants their sons to become like him. The god of the bible is no god, the “god” of the bible is a demon that casted the biggest black spell on human kind to have ever been casted, Jehovah doesn’t want men to be free, he wants slaves. Jehovah and his disgusting word, manifested in the bible, changed the true meaning of love. Free heroes, humans that ascended, humans that stand upright like Julius Caesar are not welcomed by this demon. He wants slaves that show the other cheek, slaves that are afraid to use violence, slaves who are obsessed with sentimentalism and don’t know what real love is anymore. For this reason, to all new agers and Christians out there i say, do not come to me to talk about something you don’t even know about. You know nothing about love. You are a slave and a slave cannot love because only free men can love. Modern people have no idea how to love, the only man that knows how to truly love is the one that wants nothing in exchange. If you seek love, my friend, i can only say this: ditch the hugs and the kisses and grab a sword and start remembering who you are and why you are here, death is nothing to be feared of. Fear of death, on the contrary should make you shit your pants. Hail Iuppiter, the father of heroes. May the spell of Jehovah fade in the abyss from where it originated. May humans stand up again with a fierce look in their eyes again, may humans remember that they are wolves, not sheep.

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