Honor Vs Morals

Good and bad do exist and it is clear that in this world dualism is a natural law, but good and bad are very different from what a modern day being thinks them to be. The dualist ideals of modernity are obviously based on chrisitanity and judaism. 

These religions condemn any form of violence and are heavily against anything with a warrior spirit. These religions are focused on avoiding suffering and on equalitarian “values”, so since all humans are equal in front of god and violence is a terrible sin it is pretty clear that the sword has no place in a world built on such credentials. A religion that promotes showing the other cheek instead of slapping back, a religion for slaves created by slaves. There is nothing good about it, these religions inverted the natural role of good and bad creating confusion, these religions are against anything that is superior, noble, mighty and with honor. Christianity hates wolves and wants only sheep. Christianity hates most above all real independent men. 

Now we have morals based on dogma once we had a code based on honor and strength.

Lets make a couple of examples:

An immigrant rapes your daughter. According to abrahamic teachings you would have to put your anger aside and will be punished by god if you seek revenge through the sword. The immigrant is a son of god as much as you are and only god can judge him in the after life, you have to show the other cheek and wait for his punishment in an other realm. A sane human being on the other hand would take revenge, bring torture upon on the beast and then kill him in the most horrible way thinkable. This is the difference between a wolf and a sheep. You slap my cheek i cut your head off. 

Thiefery; stealing is bad and highly condemned by christian law. But why so? If i steal from an enemy or a complete stranger what is there bad about it? For example in modern day times stealing from a multinational is a mighty act full of honor. I would agree it to be dishonorable though to steal from an old lady for example, that would be an act of cowardice. Stealing from a bank requires ball of steel, its a supreme act of honor. The pagan Gods would of highly respected your actions but no, as i said, christ hated wolves. Do not steal in general, be stuck in dogma. Honor and courage are not characteristics praised by the slave god. 

Rape: it has always been a characteristic of abrahamic people to rape woman. It is mostly muslims and christians that raped in world war 2. Pagans did not rape woman for the simple fact that it was considered an act of dishonor and there was nothing manly and honorable in raping a creature without defence. It is anti aryan to rape. On the other hand muslims do not consider not muslims as humans so it is fine for them to rape since god will not punish them. Christians rape because of their lack of honor and misogyni. People with an abrahamic software but not anymore truly attached to religion will have a tendency towards degeneration and perversion. To be honest maybe even people that are still religious such as the child abusers pedophile priests that abbund in all kind of churches.  When there is a lack of honor but only obsession on moral dogma all kinds of contorted perversions come out of the closet. 

The we are all equal created a problem. Once the behaviour would change drasticly depending on the people you had to do with. Inside of a tribe there was complete respect and trust, there was true love and harmony between people that shared blood and tradition. But no christian dogma forced this love to all humans, even if you had nothing in common with them. So, since we are both christians even if im italian and you are from congo we are brothers. Blood bounds mean nothing for christianity since we are all the same sheep in regards to god. So now moral conduct is forced on everybody, not on your family and near ones.  This obviously creates distortion and confusion in the deep human psyche, you can only truly love your near ones. You cannot love a stranger, it is just not possible. An example of what this might create is the following:

Once people inside a tribe were in pure harmony and synconisity because they shared the same blood and traditions. Everybody outside of the tribe was rightfully a stranger and possibly an enemy. Warriors would go to war and kill foreign people to their bloodline and then go back to their beloved family and tribe, no faking was needed, no forcing upon one selves. Then christianity came and everybody is family, you have to be good with everyone. You go at work with strangers and fake kindness and smiles of all sorts then go home to your family and channel your repressed anger and frustration upon them. You are nice with strangers and an asshole to your family. This is how much the apparently loving concepts of christ in reality turn everything upside down. 

So before tribes of wolves now herds of sheep. Before warrior tribes based on honor and glory now weaklings stuck in cities with a dogmatic moral conduct to follow. There is nothing worse for a real man than to loose his honor and dignity. Loosing honor for a real man is way worst than getting killed. A spartan for example would rather kill himself rather than be enslaved, he did not fear death but instead feared loosing his honor. 

The norse went to war to reach the glory necessary to enter the valhalla to join their ancestors and gods, now people are even afraid of taking a punch or even worst giving one. This is BAD. This is what nature considers BAD, not violence. Weakness of all sorts is BAD, strength of all sort is GOOD. Violence is a tool and can be used both for pure intentions and impure ones, it is not BAD, on the contrary some times it is very necessary and GOOD. 

All natural human tribes are mostly warrior based, especially the most noble ones. This is because through war honor and strength are praised and encouraged while weakness is shamed upon at. The weaker men die in war or reveal themselves to be what they truly are. It is through war that you can see who the best truly are. War is necessary to maintain purity within a bloodline. 

Death and suffering were respected in ancient times but not feared. People had no fear of death, they actually embraced it with the consciousness that the body can die and that the spirit is immortal and that it is through transcending the fear of death and suffering that you become a real man and can join your forefathers in the Valhalla. It is impossible to enslave people that do not fear death, for such reason christianity installed in people the fear of death and suffering. Christianity is overall obsessed with suffering, it hates it but loves it at the same time. Just look at Jesus, impaled on a cross yet a martyr. This looks a lot like a form of psychopathy to me. How can a looser be so praised? Why praise weakness of all sorts instead of strength? 

So on one side we have the christian sheep, on the other side the pagan wolf but then we have something that is not either but a complete beast, not in a positive sense. We have the desert people that have no sense of honor or morals. They will literally do anything to gain power and obtain what they want. Rape and eat babies, do genocides of entire bloodlines, destroy people completely in soul and body through trickstery and lies instead of frontal battle. This is what sv3rige promotes as the only natural way, he thinks honor is a dogma. Yet i would like to see him rape a baby and eat it in front of a masai or an eskimo, he will most likely be beheaded on the spot. Honor is real, it is morals that are dogmatic. 

To end this article i conclude saying that if you keep your honor you will always be on the right path. Throw away from your soul christian conditioning and embrace a code of honor and handle your actions based on such code instead on dogma. If you are indoeruopean honor is in your blood, just follow your blood and you will always be right, go against it and you are on the path to self destruction. Through the bible away and embrace the sword, the valhalla is awaiting for you but you must deserve it. 

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