Man is a bridge between matter and the divine. In his perfection, therefore, by force of supernatural genius, he can only be an imperfect manifestation. Bizarre, mad, majestic,
incredible, frightening, gruesome and gorgeous at the same time. My experience of being a man
constantly goes from moments of wonder to moments of breathless despair. In all this, however
there is a sound in our existence, a sound that only a chosen few are able to hear, a
subtle harmonic chant of suicidal beauty. A beauty that leads to weeping and laughter at the
at the same time, a beauty that makes you realize that after all, not everything is in vain and that then everything
A beauty that really makes you understand the love that the divine feels for the whole, the love that it is and
which he manifests in his own expressions. There is nothing purer than the sound and the kiss of
this harmony.
Which raises a question of my own, but is disharmony part of this harmony? The answer is yes and
no at the same time and this is the greatest mystery of this life, after harmony itself.
Do you ever get tired of being happy? Of searching for the very inertia of the suffering in
some cases? My soul does just that, it’s almost as if the suffering deep down is the
welcome sometimes even though it can be exhausting.
I cry cry, then I get up and dance laughing like a baby. I climb the mountain then I
I’m throwing down headlong just before I reach the top and I’m happy at the bottom of it.
This is precisely the point, harmony transcends happiness and unhappiness, joy and depression.
And they lived happily ever after? There is no worse curse than a sentence like that
gender, I don’t want to be happy, I want to feel the harmony, become part of it, make love to it.
What do I want to do with happiness?
Most of the problems of the modern world start from the inability of men to perceive
harmony by seeking their conception of “happiness”. But happiness, as understood by the modern, lasts
very little or not at all… and luckily! There are plenty of horrors in this world…
but some things just must not exist!
You’d think a Spartan with a family would be happy to go off and die in battle even though he
had beautiful women and children waiting for him when he came back? No, but he knew that there is
something far more valiant than happiness, harmony.
Within harmony there is a disharmonious part, which is at the same time is part of harmony but
not really . Do you understand why those who are not able to perceive such a
harmony, but follow only their “rational” thought, are destined to madness and material degradation?
If you are not able to see the pure beauty of a battle between Romans and Teutons, ready to give the
life for harmony, shining in their armour with a dancing soul, you don’t understand shit of life.
If you are not able to see beauty, in every side of the human emotionality and psyche, it wants to
say that you can no longer feel the harmony. Who really scares me isn’t the ugly or the
The villain, the madman or the perverse, but it is the persona that does not recognize the existence of harmony, and who trudges in his life in search of happiness, may such people disappear from this world, leaving in
life only who knows how to taste, smell, listen to the divine music and who is ready to die for
it with a smile in its heart.

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