disconnect from society and reconnect with nature

The human body is an open structure that adapts in even relatively short times to any environmental stimulus given to it. What you do, think, eat, breathe, wear, shape both your body and your psyche through epigenetic mutations and the alteration of your neurological pathways, there is no escape from this reality, even closing yourself in a sterilized cell will cause psycho-physical adaptations.

In fact, we humans have stopped, I don’t know when, thinking about what we do and why we do it going on almost by inertia and accepting, without considering possible aftermath or problematics, any technological or sociological addition provided by the system.

Smartphones, 5g, veganism, feminism, vaccines, liberalisms, consumerism, communism, supplements and chemical drugs are all rather drastic and powerful additions without any historical background: they are all new and unnatural things that never existed before.This brings us, on the basis of the principle of the open system, to the understanding that there will be such changes created by the adaptations to these new entries, that substantially a new human version will be born, aka the transhuman, a creature completely detached from mother nature but who will instead suck from the putrid breast of mother society. The purpose of this article is to increase in the reader the perception of what he does in everyday life, to avoid such transformation. Do you eat raw meat? Well, what are you doing for the rest of the day? Do you work outdoors in the countryside or are you a slave all day in front of a monitor? How much time do you spend with the smart phone and its electromagnetic fields? What do you wash your clothes and your body with? What air do you breathe? What are your values? Every little of these details will affect your health and what you think during every day in a rather decisive manner.

There are two paths we can choose from: the first is to follow the dictates of society by disconnecting ourselves more and more from nature and therefore from ourselves, the second is instead a true and profound reconnection with nature that will lead us to get back in touch with real life and with our deep spirit. In fact, society, contrary to mother nature, is not a creative force and can only destroy and pervert what is still pure in you by depriving you of life force. As in many other fields, we are not talking about opposites as they have indoctrinated us to think with the Abrahamic religion, but of life versus the void. Those who choose to become vegan, animalist, feminist and transhumanist, junkies or porn addicts have made the choice to hate Mother Nature, the abyss awaits these people with mouth watering.

On the other hand, those like me and a few others who have decided to reconnect to the truth do not want to have anything to do with the abyss but only want to embrace with love that great sphere of light that is life. For people like these, I would have a list of rules and things to do to get started on this road with the right tools, here is a short list:

  1. Eat according to nature
  2. Get out of the big cities
  3. Have real friends and family around you
  4. Free the mind from the chains of society: political correctness, moralism and good manners, freedom equality and brotherhood, phobia of bacteria, dualistic thinking, religions, shame about yourself, capitalistic competition, jealousy for those who are happy, etc.
  5. Throw the television in the bin
  6. Spend as much time in nature in the sun, possibly naked
  7. Detach as much as possible from money, making yourself independent from a food point of view with your own farm and land
  8. Do not take drugs or alcohol unless on very special occasions, stay away from junkies and alcoholic friends
  9. Remove from your inner circle any person who doesn’t really love you and doesn’t respect you
  10. Better to be alone than ill accompanied: don’t surround yourself with people who are heavily degenerated or who promote various form of degeneration
  11. Surround yourself with people who have chosen the path of life and who you deeply respect
  12. Spend as little time as possible with electronic devices that emit radiation, make sure that your home is away from telephone towers
  13. Enjoy life by working as little as possible
  14. Learn to love yourself with your strengths and weaknesses accepting yourself with the heart and taking care of your playful child spirit, no forced stoicism or hatred for yourself. In the end we humans are here to learn not to destroy ourselves with guilt.

Following even half of these indications will make the quality of your life clearly superior by letting you go to sleep with a smile on your face. The first and last rule are by far the most important as they will take care of both your physical and mental health, laying the foundation for the rest.

Wishing my readers good luck,

Prodacle Armato

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