The chant of Iluvatar is what makes me keep going in a world where the abyss becomes stronger and stronger. The sensation that there is joy even in the most painful moments. That little child inside of you that looks at everything in awe. My internal light will extinguish only if i give up to misery and stop searching for true life and seek shelter in survival. Like a slave, but i am no slave. Not even for one bit. Pure blood flows in my veins, blood of a european rebel. Mountain bear blood dirty of domestication. But we will clean ourselves from this sea of putridity deposited in our souls. That these times are dark there is no doubt, but in the dark the sight adapts for who has the courage to keep their eyes open and you can see things that do not live during the day. So, lets not despair, lets not fall seeking a refuge in superficiality, drugs, false relations. Lets not illude ourselves. Lets challenge this wave of fecal matter of the 21st century with pride. Lets become even harder than iron: lets become hard steel that can break gold, silver and bronze together. May the spirit and the body be as strong as steel. An indestructible one. Only in this way can we truly change something in times like these. Iron can rotten and become part of the junkyard or it can be forged from the fires of the spirit in pure steel, a man stronger than the fall of gods. The man that stands up and walks in the darkest of places with a grin on his face and an axe in his hand. If the light of the earth goes away, it will mean that the light of our hearts will become even stronger. You shall be a new race, the strongest and toughest to have ever existed because contrary to our fathers you grew up in a spiritually empty world. From the kali-yuga swamps you have risen from a slave to become a king with its crown and sword of shiny steel. The gods themselves bow to the fortitude and power of these celestial statues. May the poem of the world continue. May the kings of the fourth age free themselves of domestication with the glory of their forefathers. These are times of brute strength and healthy luciferian madness. A new man will be born, a celestial race with the unreachable strength of the metals of earth. Glory to the steel king, the most glorious and tough king of all times. Glory to kali-yuga! What an honor it is to be able to walk these lands in these times, how much glory to conquer!

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