The Secret War

This world is in war. A war that started as far as in ancient egypt, a war between indoeuropeans and an other faction that i will call “people of the desert” to not have my website banned, i hope you understand who they are. In their “sacred” books it is no secret that their goal is world conquer on all other races that it is not their own, in their book it is clearly written that victory will come when each one of them will have 3000 goyim slaves to their disposal. Everything written in their books has come true and they are winning the war. 

The war started in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians accepted these people in their lands and treated them with respect and dignity till these people started usury and other degenerated practices that the noble indoeuropeans of north africa did not accept. It was well known how “gods chosen people” were considered in classical antiquity: a race of slaves, mysoginists, pedofiles, rapers, cannibals and haters of humanity. Different cultures always did war to each other but they never had the amount of hatred and disgust that the desert people had for other cultures, the wars were mostly territorial and for power not for spiritual destruction of the enemy,  there was always a form of respect for the enemy, thing that “gods chosen people” always lacked. 

Cicero defined these people “a race of slaves”. A race of people with no nobility and honor, but anyway lets continue.

So the egyptians kicked them out of egypt after harsh wars sending them out in the desert, the strength of these people was in the numbers just like the orcs of lord of the rings. They were not noble fierce warriors but a degenerate mass of horror. From that moment on “gods chosen people” declared war on all people not of their race, a war though that they did not have the strength or dignity to face frontally but that they had to do through social infiltration and usury through money loan. Incredibly jealous of the spiritual honor and strength and knowledge of indoeuropeans, especially of the egyptians and the greeks,  these people started moving. Slowly infiltrating both Egypt and Greece with method they managed to make both of these cultures decay slowly from the inside. It is well known how people of the desert kidnapped Greeks, fed them for more than a year to then sacrifice them to their “god” and feast on their flesh. This is the amount of hatred these people have for what is their only true enemy in this war: the indoeuropean aryans. 

So Egypt was spiritually destroyed and never became back to be what it was after the infiltrated pharaoh Akhenathon got power and changed the religion, on top of this the people of the desert were multiplying like rats and started to heavily outnumber the egyptians. After egypt their next target was greece. Through infiltration in Athens, the center of the hellenic world, they slowly managed to make it decay internally. Till this point though these people were not nearly as powerful as they became today, they could cause decaying of societies but not really conquer them and as I said before these people have never been powerful warriors and have always been confined in Gerusalem and the surrounding area. The real problem started when their more feared enemy, the roman empire, conquered Gerusalem after a horrible war where the desert people’s upper classes were in civil war with their plebeians: orcs fight even amongst themselves. Well it is after the loss of Gerusalem that the problems really started, a bubble of venom was open and started spilling all over the world through the well known diaspora. 

These people stopped seeking the idea of having a land of their own and under the guide of their sacerdotes, the zealots, they truly declared war on humanity at this point, starting of course from the most hated ones: the Romans. If Rome is light, Gerusalem is darkness. Two poles of power faced each other, the light won but the darkness managed to infect it. The loosers of the war of Gerusalem were now fleeing all over europe infiltrating the cultures, moving the strings from the inside. They did not mix with the populations but created ghettos, they were great merchants and knew well how to use the economic system to their advantage, this is how they got their power. 

The poisoning of Rome started when the desertic infection called Christianity came. A noble warrior culture now had to face their masses of peasants being infected with a religion of slaves. Christianity was a joke to the roman aristocracy, in comparison to the deepness and knowledge of Roman tradition it was just embarassing, but they undervalued the strength that this spiritual disease could have on the weak minded masses of slaves and plebeians. Christianity was the real venom of Rome and what truly started to destroy what has probably been the most supreme Aryan manifestation in this realm in recorded history. 

Rome officially fell with the “ editto of tessalonica” of the emperor teodosius. See the irony of a religion based on love and bullshit that created the most brutal massacres and repression of pagans. Constantinus, the first cristian emperor boiled his wife alive. 

notice the difference in the faces of pagan and christian emperors. the first are incredibly noble humans, the second ones seem spiritually infected

After the fall of Rome, by far the most powerful indoeuropean culture of that time, all other countries started decaying with christianity. The fearsome slavic tribes, the celts, the greeks, everybody in europe became infected with the slave religion making the job of conquer way more easy for the desertic people, once wolves now europeans were turning into sheep. 

Christianity though has different forms: catholicism and protestantism. The first one was necessary to infiltrate pagan cultures and in fact maintained in great part pagan traditional values just putting them under different names. Catholicism for this reason can be called 50 percent paganism and 50 percent judaism, Catholicism was not able to bring total degeneracy as in what we see nowadays, catholicism is completely inferior to pagan traditions but is totally superior to protestantism which is complete judaism. 

I want to make clear to not undervalue abrahamic religions. These religions were the start of the infection and are still very powerful today, they managed to substitute our european spirit with a desertic one. All sort of degeneration started from the way of perceiving life of these believes, the modern day world is a byproduct of christianity and judaism, nothing more nothing less. 

So substantially when Rome collapsed medieval times came, which were a passage from a pagan world to a christian world, a sort of way in between. European spirit was still pretty strong in these times maintaining still a lot of the traditional european values just under different names and partially infected. The desertic people by now were in most european countries and had a strong influence through europe from the church and still through usury gaining more and more power, always working behind the scenes and never openly. One of the few european pagans remaining at this point, the saxons, were destroyed by Charle Magne. Only the norse resisted for a while but got converted ( with force) in the 1300. 

Once all of europe was conquered from this venom, the snake started biting its tail. The distorted view of nature typical of this religion created the bases for materialism. Nature was seen as something cold and foreign to humans, not anymore as physical rappresentation of a superior realm. Europeans at this point started loosing faith in “god” migrating from illuminism into forms of materialism and rationalism creating the bases for the modern world, a world without gods, esoteric knowledge or rituals: the definition of ironage or what the indoeuropean Indians called kali yuga. Now, having nearly completely made the europeans loose their noble ancient hyperborean traditions, the desertic people that were still faithfull to theirs and are still so up to this day, understood that their next goal was to destroy ancient european aristocracies. By now the desert people, who lived in the most important commercial bases of europe migrating to where there were more money and power, were very rich and influencal. Aristocracies were their only barrier to true control. The beginning of this process started in France where through the french revolution the disgusting, innatural and contorted idea of democracy destroyed the aristocracies and every idea of human gerarchy. Now it wasn’t anymore the best that stayed on the top but the masses of ignorant, talking animals. The french revolutionists were heavily financed by the merchants or they would of had no chance in beating the armies of the aristocracy. The same happened in Russia with the bolschevic revolution for the elimination of the Zars ( in few know that after a tremendous war the merchants captured the Zars and tortured and raped them for months before killing them, these are “gods chosen people”) and in Italy to destroy the kingdom of the Borboni. 

Now that there were not anymore powerful aristocracies, the merchants could command behind the scenes, enhance usury and promote heavy degeneration: exactly what they did. Europeans though are powerful beings and started to notice what was happening behind the scenes and who were the real problem: the merchants of the desert. These people though knew that this would of eventually happened and were well prepared for it. 

Giordano Bruno called the merchants the most disgusting and vile race to have ever walked on the planet. For such reason he was burnt alive.

Nazism and Fascism declared war to the real enemy and for this reason now they are depicted as the worst of horrors. The problems with nazism and fascism was that they didn’t really have the ideas clear failing to understand that the beginning of european degeneration was christianity. Nazism tried to reconnect to ancient germanic traditions and esoterism in a very untidy manner and with a mixture of christian ideals while Mussolini didn’t listen to Julius Evola and chose to ally with the catholic church. This lack of spiritual purity and overall cultural confusion added to the fact that the axis had nearly all the world against them caused the loss of the war. Germany, Italy and Japan, by far the 3 most powerful indoeuropean traditional bloodlines remaining, declared war to the rest of the world and nearly won if the united states, under freemasonic( merchants) influence, didn’t enter the war.  

The loss was horrible for europeans and the merchants won incredible power after this, in the end they purposely sent to death their desertic plebeians, their elite remained protected and unharmed from this war. Who really lost were the europeans, who through what was substantially a civil war lost most of their best men. World war 1 and 2 crippled europe making it become an american (merchant) colony. From world war 2 is when modern degeneration, that i hope you all well know what it is by now, truly started kicking in on every level. From the spiritual to the material, from religion to diet now everything is heavily distorted and chaotic. Exactly what the enemy wanted after the Romans destroyed Gerusalem. With calm, patience and extreme planning keeping at the same time a contact through child sacrifice and traditional rituals with their supernatural entity which goes under different names: EL, Jehovah, Allah, Moloch, Baal, they managed to completely submerge their most feared enemy, the europeans. 

For this reason i laugh when people are obsessed with diet or are stuck into materialism without knowledge of our ancient traditions, yet mock who truly knows what is going on or say shit like “books have no value” or “we don’t know nothing of history”. You are fools. Ignorant fools and will end up badly i will assure because either you are connected to your traditions or you are connected to their system, there is no way around. Materialism is a form of degeneracy that they willingly pushed on you, ancient pagan gods do exist but you are to brainwashed to accept and comprehend it. 

To notice the difference between these two images. On top a european god that rappresents strength, power and glory. On the bottom a pathetic desertic weakling impaled on a cross. One is a god for men and heroes, the second is a saver of degenerate slobs.

This is fundamental. The real reason of the enemies strength is that they destroyed our traditions and forced us to stop practicing our rituals while they continue theirs. They are supported by a very powerful sublunar entity while you are stuck into materialism. You cannot fight someone with a connection to a supernatural force if you also don’t have a connection with such and the only way to do so is through regaining knowledge of our ancient indoeuropean traditions and rituals. Otherwise there is no chance whatsoever in contrasting them, its a lost battle to start with. 

They will not end till they will obtain total domination on every population of earth. Total spiritual and material domination, and they are nearly there. For this reason i get pissed at people that just think about living their lifes, their comodities, having farms with many children or crap like that. You are weaklings, we are in war and you decide to flee and hide. You are a disgrace for your ancestors who gave their blood trying to battle this, you cannot be called a man. What do you think that eventually they are not gonna come for you? If nobody battles now, it will be soon to late, they will have total domination and you will have to forget about your freedom  in any case. 

For this reason i want a tribe of warriors, of people that want to follow the path of their mighty ancestors and give blood to fight this war, not a bunch of pathetic weaklings that just think of surviving and eating raw meat. I want a gang of heroes. Damage to this system can still be done, it is always possible to win a war no matter how bad the situation. It only requires brave men attached to their traditions. 

By this i do not mean that we should all go kamikaze against parlament, on the contrary. Things must be done with caution, intelligence, planning, and before being able to actually be in a condition where we can do damage we need to do a harsh work of deconditioning from everything that is modern. We have to become european again and reverse the conditioning that has been forced on us, then we can think about doing something. Everybody has its role in this, not every body has the courage to do certain things or conduct a certain life but everybody can contribute. The lord of the rings example is excellent, to destroy the ring everybody was necessary: from the hobbits, to gandalf, to aragorn, to gimly, to the elves. Everybody. 

I cannot not look in disgust to people who only think about their personal survival and well being in this situation. A war is being brought upon us and you are a deserter and to be honest, is there anything more glorious than fighting for your land, ancestors and traditions? Where have all the heroes of what was once a race of warriors gone? I see only egoistical wimps and boys that think they are cool because they read some conspiracy theory. There is not much time left, i hope that whoever reads this understands that eventually there will be a time where running away will not be possible anymore and you will heavily regret your cowardice.  

When i see what they have done to my Greek brothers, once noble spartan warriors and creators of one of the deepest cultures to have ever exist, i cannot but cry. This is the destiny for Italy in the near future. I cannot betray my ancestors, i already made a choice for my life. I cannot live happily as a human being if i do not fulfill my duty as an Italic being. Honor for me comes before even than life itself. 

Greece. From being craddle of european civilization to being a third world country of desperation. If nothing changes Italy, my beloved land, is gonna soon follow the same destiny.

For such reason i can only truly respect people that made this decision like me. I respect truly only brother in arms, i am not a fan of weaklings and egoistical beings. 

I want to make it clear though that in the community that i would like to create everybody is welcome as long as they don’t go against me and my path. I respect freedom of choice and do not want to force my path on others and a base with healthy food in nature would be in any case highly beneficial and necessary. 

As long as you are not a christian, a muslim, a new age faggot for me its fine. We can still build something beautiful in these modern times even if we do not follow the same path. We can share and truly understand the beauty of living in a community based on natural values. The community will not be a sect and will be based on freedom of thought. Even if we have different views i think that having a natural base for the worrying upcoming future would be highly optimal. 

I hope that with this article i made a bit of clearance about what is going on in the modern world, a world that is in war on every level, a war that we must fight.  Sieg heil.

4 thoughts on “The Secret War”

  1. I have seen on another comment that you know of Carlos Castaneda. What do you know of the Naguals/ Toltec teachings and do you think they hold significant value with regard to the spiritual war we are in? Castaneda’s encounters with the Nagual seem to focus solely on the intra rather than the inter, with a focus on the spiritual rather than the physical realm. There is little mention of anything pertaining to other ancient civilizations, with only a mild reference to Christianity found here: This brings me to my point. Is there a legitimate method of overcoming those in ‘power’ in a physical, rational and Earthly sense, or can more be done by focusing entirely on the evolution of the inner self whilst allowing this Iron age (Kali Yuga) to run its course? I have not read Evola’s Ride The Tiger yet but I can only assume from the title that he suggests we do just that, ride the tiger. But, then again, did the Ancient Romans ride the wave of Greece’s degeneracy? I suppose not. I hope my point makes sense, I am only just beginning to realise the power and efficacy of words. Here is a documentary you may find interesting regarding the Nagual sorcerers: Again, I have no association to these resources, but am merely exploring the various facets of the self in a world which seeks to do the opposite.

    1. Prodacle Armato

      castaneda is fundamental. modern humans have a big problem and that is the forced ultra development of their rational side. this is a process that started far with philosophy, which is already a form of degeneration, and that developed drastically with christianity and estabilished its supremacy over the world of sensation with illuminism in the 18th century. the rational component of humans has very little importance and should be dominated by the deep spirit. it is like if the burocrat of the soul overpowered the king, the legitimate ruler. this is largely promoted by the system in toto and has to do with the plans of the dominating jewish oligarchy to completely deprive humanity of its divine/magical component and transfer it to the transhuman digital reality. castaneda’s work is all about showing the reader that there is a whole world, inside and outside of themselves, that they forgot about but that is even more real than their idiotic modern construct. many of the key teachings of wisdom and view of reality of don juan can be found in traditions all over the world, but it must be said that to properly understand those books you must of already made a proper inner path or they are pretty much useless. your distintcion between physical and spiritual makes me understand that you are still trapped in a dualistic way of thinking typical of abrahamic conditioning. this kali yuga thing is overhyped, few people know that already ancient greeks considered themselves in the dark age. as don juan says, accept that this world is a mistery on many aspects and stop trying to fix everything a rational scheme of thought. These times are pretty horrendous and drammatic for humanity as a whole because on one side we have psycopathic controllers and on the other we have masses of soulless beings. We cannot do nothing in these times other than to depurate ourselves from conditioning of all sorts and foucs on our development while gathering positive elements around us. The most important thing right now is that this world gets depopulated drastically. I personally would enjoy seeing a process of depopulation of 90-95% of humanity as it most of it is in a subhuman state. If i end part dying in this process is fine for me, the health of this world remains more important and these golems of meat are completely destroying it. As you can see from my articles i consider the real humans only the aristocratic component of humanity while all the others are results of a degeneration process typical of this realm. I hope i cleared some of your answers.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I always thought the amount of air-time and praise that philosophy got in education and media was odd, like it dealt with the rational component and not the spirit. That’s why I made the distinction between the physical and spiritual, because there is a large emphasis on rulers, politics, ego, territorial wars in ancient Rome and Greece whereas the Naguals say all of that is self-importance and a waste of energy? I still have a lot to read and learn. I also think the Kali Yuga concept has been hijacked by abrahamic thinking and by primal materialists. Evola states that the Iron Age is synonymous with the Kali Yuga, and so it is a deeper concept than Christianized ‘end times’. I had an experience with something higher when I was 15 years old. A lady who was in touch with higher realms. Sitting and holding the hands of this lady eyes closed, I shot upwards. I was shown my past self, a young Egyptian prince who was killed and mummified by the authorities for ‘knowing too much’, working with magic and the Merlin of that time. I saw the boy’s face and immediately felt empathy, like I knew him from the inside out. Winged creatures with sharp hollow eyes protecting this past self in a cave of some sort. DNA strand thundering down like lightning from the rumbling clouds into the sea of my consciousness. A regal looking man, putting out his hands to give me something, but never showing me what that thing was. I still to this day do not know if it was true or bullshit, but those images are imprinted in my mind. There is definitely something more to this reality, but the fallibility of this realm especially in these times makes it difficult to see. Sorry for my rambling, there has been nobody in my life so far who would have taken these experiences seriously had I talked about them.

        1. Prodacle Armato

          man, i appreciate you openness. if you wanna write to more to me and even talk write to me via email and maybe i can give you even my telegram in my future.

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