The enemey speaks


If you know how to interpret this, you will understand that these are incredibly valuable informations. This forum is an incredible goldmine. In here a “rothschild” speaks to the internet, there are 3 reasons he/she has done this:

  1. deceive truth seekers making them go raw vegan, eliminating opponents;
  2. karmic code, typical of these families, of telling you what they are gonna do, they always do this;
  3. for fun, you can see from the typing how much he actually is enjoying this, he says its like watching the anthill before stomping on it, this feeds his ego in massive amounts.

So this is not a rothschild, this is obviously of the true elite family, the hidden one. For my instinct the speaker is pretty young, i highly doubt the elders would loose their time with this but i could be wrong. Typical of this branch of people who dominate the world is the very high IQ. These people are completely stuck in their brain and have lost heart intelligence, otherwise they would not aim in destroying this world. These are NOT intelligent people in the ancient sense of what aryans conceived as intelligence, which was symbolized in the human body with the HEART, not the brain.

They represent a destructive force, they are not spiritually healthy human beings, they are extremely healthy in the brain but psychologically ill, they are PSYCHOPATHS in this sense.

These people, as i will explain in another article are “merchants”(i hope you understood). The big crooked noses are not a race but an agglomerate of anti-traditional degenerates, many are of indo-european origin with probably red hair and blue eyes. These people venerate Moloch. To make it simple this demonic entity that definitely contributed in creating the abrahamic religions is very similar to the Morgoth of the Sirmarillion of Tolkien, if you haven’t read that book you should. In synthesis its a demonic force of extreme power that hates divinity and for such wants to destroy everything of beauty in this world, it hates true aryan humans as they are deeply connected to the divine. Unluckily many of you have no idea what I am talking about because you are profoundly ignorant and will read this with a hollywood/christian preconditioning thinking that I am crazy and live in a fantasy world. Truth is I do not give a fuck of what you think. I managed to put my hands through an incredible instinct and effort on many pieces of the puzzle and you have no idea how lucky you are to have this website at your disposal. This is not arrogance but i hate giving gold to pigs(not saying that the reader is a pig, but for laws of probability their will be many spiritual peasants reading this), i really hope you appreciate I am giving you this info for free. You will not find all of this agglomerate of truth on all of the web. Do not get me wrong, i still know very little, but i know more of 99 percent of people. I have reconnected many pieces of the puzzle without falling in many traps such as veganism, christianity, new age ecc. I know what they do not want the goyim to know, I know a lot for being a modern human born in domestication. I just say this to make you thankful of all of this since its human psychology that when something is free it has less value for the mind. I am sure if you are a true person you will know how to thank me in some way, as i would do the same for someone that gives me the info i’m giving you guys. Anyway, to not fall in the sv3rige trap where these “illuminati” are the best human beings, i suggest reading revolt against the modern world of Julius Evola. If I can define that book i would say its the equivalent of wewanttolive for the spirit. Thus said, as you can notice from reading the rothschild forum, a correct diet is an incredibly powerful tool and they often suggest its the starting point to become an enemy of theirs. Raw meat is more than about physical health, its about in predisposed individuals recollecting primordial powers within. For this reason he will try to trick the readers of the forum who stupidly trust him in becoming vegan, you will notice yourself how many times he repeats the concept that meat is bad and plants are good.

Contrarily to what he says, veganism will make you very easily controllable by demonic forces, trapping you in your lower instincts; animal products, especially in their raw form, do the opposite.

Be very careful in reading this as there are many lies mixed with truths. These people want enemies, these people want someone up to par to challenge them but unluckily they have done such a great job with mind control and poisoning that many people nowadays are beyond retarded. For this reason i feel comfortable in writing this and putting this info, they are actually waiting for it. As long as i do not go mainstream, thing that i highly do not want and that i despise, they will do nothing. I hate the masses as much as they do and have no interest whatsoever in helping them, I am not a christian, I am a pagan and the goal of this website is to find other powerful souls to start creating something big, not gathering a mass of sheep. Masses never changed anything in history, its the playing gamers that do. One Julius Caesar has more value than billion of retarded “normies”, if you cannot accept this well you have been brainwashed and can go fuck yourself.

Prodacle Armato

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