The eagle and the turd

We have been illuded, around 2020 years ago by a semitic mad man, that we are all equal in front of “god”. This ideology of egualitarism came in very handy for the slaves and the plebs, who could finally say to the aristocrats: “See you sons of cunt! Even if we are weaker, less brave, less honorable, more prone to degeneracy, more stupid, arrogant and just overall inferior beings, god says we are all equal!”.

This realm, a creation of the gods, is built around order and gerarchy. This order is a scientific( not the profane modern “science”) consequence of the superior intelligence of these entities, this order is not to be questioned or subverted because of humanitarian ideologies or human rational thought. This order is to be observed, respected and maintained. Whoever goes against it will be punished in the after life, mostly because of their arrogance, stupidity and lack of respect for what are superior beings to us. This realm we live in is a war field, a place where to come from the world of spirit to gain trophies and challenges, among many other things. This world was not designed to be perfect since there are no reasons for duplicates, but all actions are monitored. There is a harmony to be respected and who goes against it will pay the consequences. Whenever the plebs kill, lack of respect or consider themselves equal to an aristocrat they are committing a seriously profane act. 

Friedrich Nietzsche. A true aristocratic spirit.

This is because aristocrats are scientifically bloodlines that are less ingrained to the material world with a spirit that is more connected to the gods. Aristocrats are the guides for the plebs, they are higher to them in the natural gerarchy. They are more pure of spirit, more intelligent but most important than all they are more connected to the world of spirits than the plebs and are less stuck in the material one. An aristocrat, while having the same body of a pleb, could be considered an alien to it. 

The spirit of an aristocrat could be defined with words such as power, purity, intelligence, harmony, valor and transendence of humanity. There is no better frase, in my opinion, that could better define what is an aristocrat than what a french aristocrat said fighting against the plebeian rebels.

“A plebeian fights only when he can win, a borghese only if there is a chance of winning, the aristocrat fights in any case”. 

Aristocrats are not only better humans than plebs, but a part of humanity that is not even fully human. Being more connected to the gods in all ways, it is obvious that aristocrats have a DIVINE right to rule and that by going against them you are going against the divine order, you are challenging the gods. 

I want to clarify though before going on, that being an aristocrat does not mean being rich or having land, being an aristocrat is a matter of spirit and nothing else. Even aristocrats can degenerate in bourgeois. An aristocrat needs good blood to manifest. Examples of aristocrats throughout indoeuropean history can be Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander the great, Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Socrates, Scipio the African, Vergingetorix and many others. These are all people that in their purity and power manifest divine, these people are a luxury for plebs. These are stars sent by the cosmos to illuminate this world. 

So on one side we have a Marcus Aurelius, on the other side a plebeian obsessed with materialism. On one side we have purity, on the other we have fecal matter. A plebeian has right to exist only if he follows the guide of the gods manifestated through an aryan, once he will loose this guide he will become a degenerate beast like many of the modern day man. 

The overall most worrying characteristic of plebeians is there lack of connection to the spiritual world and to the gods, for this reason the lies of the semites infected them so easily while leaving the aristocrats immune. Plebeians are stuck in materiality and in this realm while aryans have just an intelligence that tells them that they are incarnated spirits. Plebeians get lost in the tricks and materiality of this realm. They pursue woman, comfort, money, sentimentalism, ideologies and have a great tendency towards degeneration. Lets just put it straight and raw: these people would have no place to exist in a golden age, they are probably a fruit of the degeneration process typicial of this realm, but, this said, if plebeians follow the guides of who is truly superior to them, they do have a place. 

This is incredibly tough nowadays to accept for people. They are completely stuck in their ego’s and all think that they are superheroes, for them to accept that somebody is better and superior than them it is impossible. They will start pushing on who is above them ideas with no real intelligence, dogmas and relativity. The dog not only has decided to run away from its owner, but now he wants to kill and eat him. The plebeians that fighted against the french and russian aristocracy, their protectors, cursed them selves. 

It is a pity that because of the stupidity and ego of the plebeians nowadays we will not be able to see manifested the power of a Caesar or the wisdom of a Plato because we are all equal and my ego cannot accept that somebody is actually fucking better than me. Nowadays plebeians, which  compose great part of the population since in the dark age aristocrats are a race in way of extinction, are like dogs full of rabies and deserved to be suppressed since they surpassed the turning point too long ago. 

If you are an aristocrat, like Nietzsche, you will grow to hate great part of modern humanity and not fit with them for the simple fact that as i explained above aristocrats are of a different kind of breed. The hate must not be developed as it is heavily corrosive but not even pity and compassion should as they are traits of semites. The best path is to maintain a strict neutrality so that you can observe the plebeian and his degeneracy learning from his errors while always keeping in mind that he is overall of a different planet. Staying too tight to a plebeian will infect you, unless he knows his place. A wolf and a dog can play together, there is nothing bad with it, but they must not have children together, must not be part of the same pack, the dog must keep its place and the wolf has to not forget he is playing with a dog. 

If the dog tries to dominate on the wolf in any way i cannot say it in other ways than” its really fucked up”.

A real aryan is pure spiritual power. Aryan has little or nothing to do with hair or eye colour. Even Hitler himself considered both Japanese and Italians aryan settlements. The idiot that started this bullshit was a plebeian called Varg Vikernes. If you want to know more read synthesis of doctrine of race of Evola.

You will sense when you meet another wolf in your life, a sensation of natural respect and love will come out that will never manifest towards a dog. You will have finally someone with whom you can speak the same language and will be able to take away your mask since wolves are not scared of wolves. My tip, that i give to myself after having fucked too long around with dogs, is to not waist to much time with dogs as they will limit and harm you. On top of this if you fuck too much around with dogs wolves will have a harder time finding each other and wolves can in any case handle solitude way better than dogs. 

Be careful also as many dogs are extremely jealous of wolves and will try to harm you, willingly or not, indirectly or directly. Do not fool yourself also, there are barely any wolves out there, if you find another one you are already extremely lucky, some dogs are also good at getting in wolf clothes but their smell will slowly come out. 

I hope i gave the idea. In my life i met only around 5 people i could objectively call wolves. I wrote this article because by staying too much with dogs lately, i forgot who i was. These dogs bited me behind my back or tried to convince me that dogs are better than wolves. I do not trust much dogs anymore because i noticed that for their daily dose of human food they will not keep their word. Most of the dogs are arrogant and think they are better than wolves because they are with humans. Some dogs would want to be wolves and when they see one they attack out of jealousy. 

Dogs are dirty rolling in the mud full of ticks, wolves are clean from the snow of the land. 

Wolves out there remember that we still exist and that as much as we are outnumbered and hated we will always be the best. Auuuuuuuuuuuu wolves, auuuuuuu!

ps. dogs are incredibly beautiful and pure beings. comparing them to plebs feels as an act of injustice but no better animal comparison came to my mind to express my concept. to make it simple dogs are beautiful, plebs are not.

2 thoughts on “The eagle and the turd”

  1. I don’t want to sound arrogant but i do have aristocrats blood and name, my ancestors always fight agints the degeneration of equality and for that they were murdred,took our lands ,make us exile and breed us with slave plabes but i see now my aristocrat ancestor reborned in me,never fit in a modern sociatiy i have nothing comen with this normies they are dull and emptie inside only cared about what was trandy,i knew lots of them and they are all NPC’s ,only people who i can call wolfs was two of my uncles who were killed by bullets and my friend who took discusting desert goblins life away and lost his freedome for it

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