A plebeian has very little introspection skills, his inner world is smaller so he looks more outside and is ready to easily judge everything and everybody even from a place of ignorance.

A plebeian characteristic is to be obsessed with pussy and sex, to love more the body of the partner than the spirit.

A plebeian characteristic is attachment to money.

A plebeian characteristic is attachment to sentimentalism and humanitarian “values”. 

A plebeian characteristic is an inability to comunicate with and understand the spiritual and divine realm. 

A plebeian is usually dominated by his rational component, which is completely useless without an upper intelligence to guide it. 

A plebeian has usually bovine eyes and just a lack of life and sparkle in them.

A plebeian is prone to jealousy and hate based upon jealousy. 

A plebeian has no real sense of justice and does not really comprehend it.

A plebeian runs away when shit hits the fan or the game becomes hard.

A plebeian loves comfort more than freedom. 

A plebeian has a propensity to attach to egualitarian ideologies. 

A plebeian does not have a pure intent or will since it is mostly guided by his animalistic needs. 

A plebeian has no real knowledge of what love truly is and cannot experience celestial love but only its animalistic lower version, which should not even be called love. 

A plebeian has physical characteristics that show his lack of nobility. 

A plebeian is very attached to his ego and will do everything to defend it, even against truth. 

A plebeian gives more value to comfortable lies than to hard truths.

A plebeian loves autocommiseration and crying on himself. 

A plebeian is a beggar. 

A plebeian puts comfort in front of what is right.

A plebeian puts his attention on things that deserve none.

A plebeian has a hard time with addictions of various nature such as drugs, gambling or sex.

A plebeian has a hard time talking about philosophical matters, he will mostly stay silent or speak nonsense. 

A plebeian does not like solitude or meditation.

A plebeian loves crowded places and feeling part of a big group.

A plebeian can sell his dignity for material gains. 

A plebeian number one priority is to not suffer and to feel pleasure.

A plebeian is most concerned with quantity rather than quality. 

A plebeian has many children.

A plebeian fears death and the unknown most of all.

A plebeian talks behind peoples back instead of confronting them directly. 

A plebeian is attracted to junk food. 

A plebeian is overall a weaker form of consiousness.

A plebeian is more attracted to abrahamic religions.

A plebeian has low intelligence and thought ability.

A plebeian does not like complicated books.

A plebeian has more trust and fear of authority.

Mostly of these characteristics are findable in 99.99 percent of modern people, Plebeians would be way more noble creatures if they actually listened to the aristocrats as they did in ancient times. Plebeians nowadays are used against the aristocrats from the jews who instead of trying to guide them towards purity guide them towards impurity and disharmony. I see the best thing that could happen to a plebeian nowadays is death as they are completely out of tune with nature. The world nowadays is overpopulated with degenerated plebeians which should be rather called slaves. These masses are enemy both to what is good and to themselves. 

7 thoughts on “plebeians”

  1. Damn, you basically listed 9/10 features that each one of my “friends” and people im surrounded by present.
    Not only that, also i find that what you said can also be applied to people that consider themselves “based” such as people in the primal community.
    I didnt understand though what does having many children have to do with being a plebeian? also what do you mean by upper intelligence that guides rationality?

    1. Prodacle Armato

      the lower castes have always been very prolific, and that has been a big problem in the past to deal with and it is still now. just look at the negroid and arabic races how many children they have, it is just a fruit of there animalistic way of being. the more inferior you are the more you have a tendency to breed like a beast. in the past this problem would of been dealt through wars and epidemics and diseases. now it is unleashed. many people walking around, in my opinion, are incarnated beasts, not humans. their behaviour is very similar to the one of an animal. and the “elites” now this and promote this.

      1. What you say is correct, also if one looks at the way children are brought up in a big lower caste family(6,7,8 children at least) is vastly different from that of a superior caste: to educate a child and to invest in ita development costs lots of energy, wich means that you cannot bring up great men; also if you look at great man from the past they usually didnt make more tham 2 3 children, as they put their creative potential to other uses; also if you make 6,7 of them they are anyway going to be used as work slaves, (otherwise you wouldnt have made so many). That being said though :
        -are epidemics trhough history always been real? I mean i dont believe viruses are contagious, that being said though one could immit into the environment certain substances that cause certain reactions(non contagious epidemics i mean), also today with this cv stuff it clearly isnt real i think, but tofay is due more do false testing and media manipulation.
        -do you believe in monogamy of poligamy? like should one bind to one woman and thats it?
        -Also its true what you say about the arabs and negroids, but the problem we have in europe is way different to me: like arabs make 6, 7 children and have still a decent cultural coesion(due to their religion wich they follow strictly) that is to say they very easily form comkunities and bonds in foreign countries and are very exclusive, on the other hand white europeans are fucked as they cant make children anymore(both due to malnutrition but also through ideology, in fact white european women are much more into the feminism agenda contrary to the arabs), and we have a much more people brainwashed into the atheistic materialistic agenda, wich makes it easier to manipulate people; to make it short do you think arabs and negroids are going to literally invade europe in the next 15 20 yrs and islamize europe, and maybe ,if the controllers push enough for race mixing, quite literallu cancel european traditions?( i hope not but reality today is harsh).

  2. What do you mean by ”A plebeian has physical characteristics that show his lack of nobility. ” ???

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