This argument, to be fair and honest, has been properly approached in a way more detailed and advanced manner by Evola, but since many of the readers are semi illiterates that do not know how to read a book i will write the summary of his idea.

There is this attack on european southeners from nordic environments that are mostly tied to nazi, neo nazi and “Vargian” ideologies and theories. 

They claim, based on this modern concept and obsession for race (that was born with the national socialists), that humans are like animals. The maximum goal of a certain type of people is to maintain racial purity, because you are worth as much as your blood. Just like a horse or a dog of pure breed is more valuable than a mixed breed, so are humans. The problem with this is not the concept but it is the importance it is given. No traditional society gave so much importance to biological characteristics as the nazi, at maximum the blood and race was seen as a vessel of people tied to a certain tradition and carrier of a special spiritual essence typical of that race. Do not get me wrong, Maintainance of racial purity is important, but not because of biology but because a certain race has determinate SPIRITUAL characteristics. The blood is nothing else than a vessel for something superior, the spirit. We are not dogs and cats. A physically perfect “aryan”- blonde and blue eyes, tall, european cranium ecc.- but with a modernized spirit of a degenerate, is completely futile. It is like a shell with no content inside and this is mostly the case with modern nordics, very probably, tied with the anglo saxons, the most degenerate and soulless race on earth at the moment. 

I have to agree with Evola when he said that this modern nordic obsession for biological race is a sort of desperate attachment to what the people of the north have left of the ancient hyperborean heritage: the biological body. Spiritually, culturally, religiously there is nothing left of the ancient europeans in them but at least they have their blonde hair and blue eyes. So the next step is to spit on the south, inventing a superiority in its reguards that has no other possible route other than the biological aspect. Spiritually and culturally the south has been the carrier of hyperborean heritage in a way more profound and powerful manner than the nordics. The manifestations of Rome and Greece have been the true lights and centers of europe, even Persia and India have created cultures that maintained better the real POWER of hyperborean heritage. The germanics themselves were the last ones to fight for rome as they saw in its essence something superior even to them, it is thank to the roman spirit that fascism was born so that Hitler could try to emulate it in Germany. Little to nothing of important or valuable in europe was born in the north, if their is an ALPHA in this continent, that is definitely Italy. Guenther himself, to not mention Nietzche, found in Rome and Greece a superior manifestation of aryan blood than in the rest of europe. Hitler himself called Rome the best example of an aryan society we have to date. Hitler himself said that many countries have a way more important history than the north, as for example Japan and Italy. 

So what can these despiritualized nordics do, to prove this farfetched concept of superiority? To play it on biological race. They have nothing else in their hands otherwise. Well, lets dismantle even this myth of southern mixture, point by point.

People did not mix in the past with cultures that were not spiritually affine to them. The semitic populations have always been enemy to indoeuropeans, their attachment to materiality and commerce always disgusted us. The etruscans, who commerced with the phoenicians (semites), didn’t even want to meet face to face with them but instead asked them to leave the merchandize on the beach so that they could later pass and get it. The gods were different and the spirit were different. We didn’t live in a modern degenerate society where intermixing was promoted. The attachment to blood and land was very strong and marriages were precisely arranged and organized based on blood and even chaste. If the mixing between two tribes happened, it would of been because they would of felt some sort of spiritual connection, a connection that is not possible between semites and indoeuropeans because of their opposing spiritual characteristics. 

The mediterrenian is a colliding of two great cultures. A culture of Atlatnic origin, that colonized the south from spain to the middle east in west to east migrations that left traces in spain, italy, france, balkans, greece, middle east, nord africa and of nordic conquerors ( not modern nordics but ancient indoeuropeans) that later came and dominated on the predecessors assimilating some of the features of their culture. The greatness of the south comes from this residue of these two hyperborean derived populations. Lets take Italy as an example. The people in the north of Italy are mostly of Indoeuropean dna, the ones in the middle are half and half, while the ones in the south have a major component of dna from this very ancient atlantic civilization. 

The MENA gene pool, (middle eastern north african), means nothing else other the fact that there has been a profound adaptation of these people to the meditterenian on a genetic level. If we would take a perfect Swede, and let him adapt to these lands for 1000 years, he would then have a different genetic profile than a Swede and would probably adapt to the environment with phenotypical adaptations ( darker hair, shorter, hairier). I find it incredible that the proponents of the mixing theory cannot understand this simple concept of human adaptation to land and climate. Even the high castes of India, who were indoeuropean, now do not look anymore like nordics even though they have been particularly careful not to mix with the locals who were negroids. Living for thousand of years in a different land will change you physically. 

The only important genetical changes in the last 7000 years in Italy has been the influence from the greeks in the south, and of the Longobards in medieval times while all the rest has created very minor to non existent changes. The arabs that conquered sicily left little to nothing since they were the first ones to not want to mix with the locals. The locals themselves fled to the mountains leaving the arabs on the coast and as soon as the could, with the help of the Normans, they massacred the invaders. This is to show how much people actually found foreign semitic and arabic people, and how little the idea of mixing was even thought of in those times. So in any case Rome, was already formed by mixed people, and since Rome is the most powerful european manifestation in recorded history, they would have to admit that these mixed people are better than themselves. 

The only mixture i am ready to consider is the one present in ex yugoslavia, a mixture that happened in very recent times, definitely not in traditional indoeuropean societies. 

These and many other valid points can be made to discredit even the biological accusation of mixture in the south but the point of this article is not to convince anybody in reguards to this matter. What i wanted to arrive to is why these nordics feel the need to discredit the people that are actually at the center of european civilization and from whom they could learn from and develop from their state of degeneracy. Their ancestors themselves were the first ones to recognize this and found any occasion possible to migrate south, in lands that have way more to offer on many levels than the nordic lands. On lands that still have amongst them the presence of the manifestation of a very important deity, the sun. So, to pass in counter attack, i will say to these people to stop being obsessed with us and biological race, and to remember again what you truly are and try in some desperate way to reconquer your indoeuropean spirit that you have completely lost. If instead of wasting time and energy in spitting on southeners and their SUPERIOR culture and way of living because of theories with no proof to prove something of no value in any case, you spent this time to develop a proper nordic traditional cultural environment and reconquered some spirit, wouldn’t it this be a way better investment than insulting people from whom you would have only to bow to? The fact that Italy has a central figure in its traditional pagan environment an Evola, while yours is in Christian Vikernes, should make you think alot and reconsider many things.  The nordics are probably the most spiritually degenerated race in all of the world and you can only think of your blue eyes and blonde hair while spitting on your far cousins from whom you could actually learn from in terms of culture and tradition, since all ancient indoeuropean cultures were very similar to one another. 

My wish is that the nordics stop being idiots and following an idiot that has little to no comprehension of what is the ancient indoeuropean world. An idiot whose most assistants are actually Italian. I wish this to stop the madness and intra european divide and conquer. I wish this because the north and the nordics are completely destructed in their souls and it would be nice to see them become something normal again instead of having them as a pain in the ass, always ready to remind you that since you have black hair you are a semite or an african. 

You can talk crap as much as you want of the south and southeners but the truth is that we are the heart of europe while you are its outskirts. We do not let our women have children with negroids and arabs, and do not promote this. We have an Evola that actually showed us the might of ancient europe, not an ignorant black metalist that talks from his ass and use modern science to proof his theories with no comprehension of the ancient world and traditions. We still have values of family, we still have fire in us. You are dead. Try to think at this next time, instead of your blue eyes, because i think it is more important. But maybe i am wrong, it is better to have blonde hair but be spiritually absent, with a culture that promotes intermixing and leftist values. It is better to have dead blue eyes with no fire inside them. 

Do not worry nordics, it will always be us Italians that one day will save your asses from your spiritual void. 

As always it is the Italic fire that brings harmony to this world. Every thing starts and ends here, in the land of Saturn.

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