Intro to the occult war

Slavery, inequality and “who the fuck are you?” are much closer to the reality than the sweet but illusory, therefore sick, motto of the French revolution libertè, egualitè, fraternitè.

We are all the same shout the mass media, every human being has the same value, the same biology and spirit, so be brothers with the Congolese Negroid even if you are Scandinavian, accept the supermarket cashier as a peer even if he has an IQ half of yours, its a crime to send pedophiles to life imprisonment because after all they also have a soul like us, and so on …

We must accept this bucket of crap every day or we will be classified as racist, arrogant or inhumane yet, by observing the animal kingdom or even any other aspect of nature, we can clearly notice that equality simply DOES NOT EXIST and that there is always a hierarchical structure, with some creatures being distinctly SUPERIOR to others. However, if I were to say, referring to the kingdom of man, that an Aajonus or an Evola are worth more than a million of “normies”, I would be considered evil and unethical. The harsh truth is that even if two people might LOOK physically similar, their spiritual diversity can be such to make them as different as a stone is from a lion.

We are NOT all the same, compared to an Aajonus a person who looks at hollywood awards with anxiety is literally alien. We are so obsessed with aliens that we have not understood that they are all around us: a nigger from the sub-sahara for an Italic is and will always remain an ALIEN, for a Niklas Tesla the pot smoker Gianny who busts bongs hits all day will always be.… an ALIEN!

The ancients were well aware of this reality as they were still connected to their natural instinct and not to television propaganda, therefore they only created chaste societies in which spiritually alien races(of both spirit and body) could not mix thus keeping everything in its natural order. The caste system, as for example the Roman system with the patricians on one side and the plebeians on the other, manages, contrary to our modern “democracy”, to keep the spiritual aristocracy together and to keep the plebeian hordes under control.

As a personal idea, I can say that there are 3 great castes today: the creative symbolic aristocracy (sim means to unite, therefore harmony), the diabolic destructive elite (disharmonic) and the zombie masses.The first is the caste that should really dominate the world being the most noble and pure with an innate tendency to reject everything that is corrupted, with a code based on honor and on the defense of what is beautiful, combining all of this with a desire to CREATE by working with nature and consequently generating the best possible world even for the sleep walkers, thus guaranteeing them a decent life and defending them from the vampirism of the third caste.

In ancient times the aristocracy of all the Aryan originated cultures matched with this caste, bringing the beauty of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, Japan, etc. to the world.

The second on the other hand is a caste of people totally stuck in the material and in the brain with the sole interest of DESTROYING everything that is beautiful and pure in the world. Not having a code of honor but instead a “karmic” code similar to that of the vampire who must be invited into the house before being able to suck the blood of the owner, they have succeeded through their even too developed brain in overthrowing the aristocracy, using almost only dishonorable and petty means based mostly on deception and manipulation of the third caste. If you still didn’t get this, they are the leaders of the modern reality and have no real spiritual opposition since the fall of imperial Japan in the Second World War. In the rest of the article I will define them, referring to the Greek mythological symbolism, Titans.The third on the other hand is a caste composed of humans in every sense inferior to the other two castes, a caste of “simple” men, closer to the beast and not in a positive way.

They are masses of non-playing gamers, people who don’t really want to explore life with a tendency to fall prey to lower human instincts. These meat golems should induce in us ,(as long as the same reader is not unknowingly one) to be sincere, a little pity, since they are void of meaning in many ways. In fact, it is only the influence that the other two castes have on them that gives them a life direction, without whom they would be like a flock of sheep in a desperate need of a shepherd that without with they would feel lost. Also for this reason, the fable of democracy will always remain a goodnight chant invented on purpose by the titans to dispossess the aristocrats from the control of the flock, as sheep have not the capability to make decisions. Therefore, this caste remains almost like a natural force that is just waiting to be tamed by one of the other two castes, with the difference that the first will recognize in them a dignity by trying, as far as possible, to transmit its values and use at the same time their workforce for the creation of beauty and glory; the third, on the other hand, has only interest in using it to destroy the aristocrat and purity in general, leading us to the squalid world we see today, in which the plebeians are specifically granted roles of power as the titans well know their inability and ineptitude, creating by so a society based on caos. The Titans do not have the same pity that the aristocrats have in the regards of the sleep walkers and on top of this they feel a deep hatred towards the plebeian bringing it often to insane levels of psychophysical degeneration mainly through deceptions and sweet lies.Having said that, with the hope of having made the reader understand that the masses are nothing more than a mere instrument of the real gamers, the playing gamers, you may have understood for the first time the great hidden war that has been going on in the world since long times and that will still go on until the total elimination of one of the two groups. Therefore, the section OCCULT WAR will talk about the characteristics of both factions, putting at your disposal a knowledge that very few on the planet can have.

However, before ending, I beg you to be careful not to analyze this argument with a dualistic mindset as it would be a trap that would make the true and profound understanding of this completely impossible because, even if in many opposite senses, the two sides present a set of common features between them that go far beyond good or evil.

Prodacle Armato

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