Intro Agenda 21&30

Important to inform our readers of these agendas that while publicly they pretend to be plans designed to increase the well-being of the masses, in reality, if one digs deep, are on the opposite precise programs established to deprive us of the few freedoms we still have while at the same time reducing the population in a drastic way.

Few people know about the Georgia guidestones in the United States, created by who knows who, on which it is engraved that the world population must be maintained at 500 million to maintain the man-nature balance. Contrary to mainstream thinking, we do not believe that the world population is around 7 billion but more around 1 to 3 billion. We believe that the Planet was much more densely populated before the two world wars when people were much healthier and therefore, fertile.

Famous are the traditional families of the time with up to 10 and pass children, while after the two world tragedies it is already outstanding if a family has 2/3 children. How can we have grown so drastically in number if nowadays a large part of the population is infertile and the other produces just enough for the generational turnover? The topic deserves an article on its own but it was important to mention this to bring you to understand the next argument: if they want to bring the population back, according to the guidelines of the guidestones to half a million, and we are lets say even only a billion, it means that one in two of us will die by what I think to be maximum 2040.

Therefore, as I said earlier, Agenda 21 is a program to reduce freedoms and population, with the aim of also emptying the countryside and rural areas.

These are the main means of achieving the agenda:

  1. Food monopoly – fundamental pivot for all 3 objectives, consists in removing animal products from the market or limiting their availability by making them, through heavy taxes, food affordable only by the economic elite, the millionaires.They want to remove all natural foods from the market and replace them with industrial garbage made specifically to destroy our health making us infertile, weak, stupid and unable to rebel. Predictive programing, because the “enlightened” for a weird karmic code of theirs must always tell you what they intend to do in some way, is the film soylent green set just, it will must be a coincidence, in 2021…
  2. Total economic control by microchip and cash elimination – if you want to live in the system you must have the mark of the beast, otherwise you will not be able to bring bread, excuse me i mean meat, on the table;
  3. Elimination of the family – the deep union with a real family makes the people strong, something not desired by the system. In addition to that who has a family has children, not good, better meaningless promiscuous sex with the incredible condom durex because you know, with sex come the terrible AIDS disease ….. (ps this disease is not sexually transmitted, we will explain well the origin of this disease in another article);
  4. Destruction through taxes of the middle class and landowners – the middle class is the only one with the time and culture necessary to reflect and think properly. The lower class returns home too devastated by the soul breaking work with the only forces remaining used to turn on the television and go to sleep. The upper class instead is almost always held by the balls by the system through political and financial means as well as being so pampered by the luxuries of the system as not to have any kind of interest, on the contrary, of rebelling against it;
  5. Moving people from the countryside to smart cities – nature feeds the spirit, the city feeds on it. Moreover, this migration will favor the control of the human herd, depriving it of the possibility of raising livestock as it could easily do in rural areas;
  6. Incitement through the mass media (yes youtube is a mass media) to hatred and consequent racial and religious wars within the cities that will become, as desired by those who currently command, dangerous and full of crime and violence;
  7. Climate control – through the chemtrails deprive the masses of the sun by poisoning and dulling them down at the same time through the use of aluminum in the form of nanoparticles, a highly neurotoxic metal. In addition, control with the HAARP system can cause, when desired, cataclysms that can easily destroy entire crops and towns.

There are many other means and purposes of these two agendas which we will discuss in much more detail in later articles as this is only an introduction to the subject. The question is, how will they do all of this? Here is the answer: The Trojan Horse for the Agenda.

The Trojan Horse will be the fairy tale of global warming that will put people in a mode of fight or flight creating the possibility for putting in power a new world order masked under the united nations as first which will take away the little power remaining to local governments.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, later we will explore all the various points in detail as well as proposing what is the only salvation from this slaughter of spirit and body: the creation of rural communities based on natural values ​​and totally independent from the system.

Peace after war,
Prodacle Armato

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