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So. There is this branch of internetologists that, without barely having any culture or profound approach to a field, have the guts to say what they think because “they read some articles” or “saw some videos”. 

They think they are illuminated beings and everybody else is substantially an idiot. They know more because they did “their research”. Barely any books or sharing of ideas in cultural environments. No. Forums, facebook, telegram, instagram. They are the new generation that knows it all, they are more progressed. 

This arrogance is incredible and disgusting even though the ones to really pay the price of this it is actually them. It is a mental trap, a spell casted by the computer on their souls that they cannot recognize. This is a consequence of the lack of culture and solidity of our generation. The obsession for new “knowledge” and new conspiracies is nothing short from a psychological illness. They want always more and more and they need little proof to be convinced of facts with no evidence whatsoever. 

Such claims as that the roman empire was actually part of tartaria, or that the earth is flat, or that in the 17th century there was an incredible kingdom in the north that has been hidden from history, that all of history is a psyop or in general things that have little to no proof but go against the status quo, are more than welcome to these people. Why? Because it makes them feel special, advanced and that they are not wasting their life. They feel that they are someone because they know what other people do not know. So all historians in their eyes are retarded, people that ( what idiots! they could of just read an article on the internet or watch a youtube video) actually dedicated their lives to study something are worth nothing. The website of the wanker is more valuable. Why study Evola, Guenon, Serrano, Nietzche, Hegel, Plato, Cicerone when you can simply watch a video? Why waste time reading books or meeting people of cultural environments when you can simply do some searching in the WEB? 

It is all a great trap fellows and do not think you are one inch special. Your creation was predicted. The elite perfectly know of these alienated people that are stuck into conspiracies. They know you and laugh at you. Their children get educated by their forefathers on the ways of life and on real knowledge and culture while you “navigate”, researching about tartaria. They got you by the balls but you just do not know it because they cut them off. You will never dig properly into actual knowledge because you are illiterate and lack any critical base to properly approach matters. You are not one inch different from the ignorant plebeian masses of medieval times, manipulated and completely ignorant and futile. 

As solution to this you need to understand that you are substantially a retard, then you can start again. Accepting your stupidity is the first step towards purification from this infection. Then leave the computer aside and buy books, then try to actually meet people of the cultural environment of your interest. Start creating your cultural approach from a variety of fields and with a serious well studied manner, where you can actually create your idea on things without accepting everything new as a fact. 

Then try to be balanced understanding that not everything is a conspiracy, many things are twisted but not completely false. To completely change history and hide it is impossible. The ancient pagans actually considered the earth a globe, it is the christians that considered it flat, Giordano Bruno was not burnt for nothing. It is impossible to completely hide the existence of an empire in the north in 1700, believing in something like this is nothing short than a form of madness. 

I wrote this article because i also was like this, so i know where you come from. Get out of that trap before its too late young fellows, and no, Rome was creation of the glorious italic tribes not of some slavic of the north. Stop trying to appropriate yourself of the culture of the south, but this deserves an article on itself. 

3 thoughts on “internet trap”

  1. Gigginuzzuzzus

    i do not need books, i have a degree in youtube commentology with a specialisation in google conspiracy theories at the university of sv3rige

  2. Been binge reading you artcles today, they are really triggering to say the least.
    I would be curious to know what are the pagan sources to wich the earth was a globe : ive never been able to hold a position on this topic of flat vs globe and honestly i find it very psyopy on both sides, as it is easy to mix false information with correct one.Also do you believe the in the existence of space?(at least in the way it is portrayed in the mainstream or in any other version?)

    1. Prodacle Armato

      these are not very important matters overall. i wouldn’t give it too much thought to be honest. it is way more important to understand the nature of this reality than its shape.

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