Cognitive Dissonance

One of the most powerful tools of mind control used by the servants of the infernal. The goal of this tool is to destroy rational thought, trust in your own mind and instinct, trapping you in your subconscious emotionality making you unable to understand things by yourself and dependent on authorities. You no longer think, you are thought, the ideas you have in your head now are blurred and they “just feel right”, these are not your ideas and have been installed in your brain since when you were a kid. You would not be able to explain these ideas yet, if you are still a slave to the system, you would defend them with anger towards who is trying to bring you back intro rational thought explaining to you that your concepts make no sense. Creating cognitive dissonance in humans is one of the main goals of hollywood and modern “education”.

Education, which comes from latin educere, means to conduct someone into becoming an independent thinker. This is true education, what modern schools preach is INDOCTRINATION. The goal of cognitive dissonance is to create a mass of mongoloid zombies that are not able to think for themselves and have complete trust in anything that authorities say. If you put these people in doubt, or challenge their “thoughts”, they will start insulting you and mocking you, it is their only way of defence because they built their entire existence on lies plus have no capacity to think for themselves and you are destroying their castle of sand. You are telling them that the broth that they thought delicious and ate for their entire lives is putrid diarrea, only a strong souled person can accept that. There are not many strong people around, actually they are a race that is vanishing. What does a cognitive dissonance person do when she/he is challenged?

They appeal to authority. Since they are not able to think for themselves, they can only revert to say that you are an idiot because the television says that what you say is wrong. Do not waste your precious time with these people. Avoid topics that will enable them to start this mechanism or you will be insulted, mocked and ridiculed. Let these people rot in their ignorance, think about yourself and people that still can actually think.

Here is the example of a conversation with someone with cognitive dissonance:

IDIOT: Why do you eat so much meat? It gives cancer.

WOKE: No, it does not, there is no correlation between meat intake and cancer rate, many times it is actually the opposite.

IDIOT: You are wrong, all doctors say meat causes cancer, where did you study? From the internet?

WOKE: Internet is a great source of information if properly used, what is so bad about internet and info found on the internet?

IDIOT: You are no doctor, you do not know what you are researching, you need to study medicine for the truth, on internet there are only fake news.

WOKE: Doctors do not study nutrition in school and as i said there is no scientific evidence done with properly formulated studies that proves that meat causes cancer. Meat is actually very nutritious and necessary for human health. The first cancer in history was found in ancient egypt, one of the first agricultural societes, if anything it is carbohydrates that cause cancer.

IDIOT: But the television says the opposite, why would they lie to you?

WOKE: Television and mass media are all controlled by the same people and are a political tool to indoctrinate the masses, they want you to cut on meat so that you cannot think for yourself and are a good slave, independent thinkers are dangerous and without certain vitamins and minerals found in meat your brain does not work properly.

IDIOT: HAHAHHHAHH, i knew it, you are one of those conspiracy theorists! What an idiot, good luck with your cancer, I am gonna eat my veggies and my whole grains so i do not get colon cancer.

This is a typical conversation with a sheeple. It is impossible to talk with someone like this, it is like talking to the piece of crap that just came out of your asshole and is now floating in your toilet. As you can see they can only do two things: appeal to authority and insult, mock the person, they will rarely admit they are ignorant on the argument and that they will do some more research and are interested in what you can show them. It is extremely rare to find someone like this, and there is always this conspiracy theorist label, a term that was actually invented by the c.i.a itself. These people are programmed to think that anyone who doubts the government is a “conspiracy theorist” and that such people are usually stupid, paranoid, uneducated weirdos and should not be listened.

Anyway, as I said before, the main tools to create these so common meat golems, are television and school. In school they do not promote thinking, they want you to repeat and memorize stuff and those who repeat the best get the highest grades and are called “intelligent” people by society, when in reality they are the dumbest of them all.

Lets take a basic example of cognitive dissonance taught in school:

KID: Teacher but if the world is a globe, how can the people on the bottom of it not fall down?

TEACHER: Oh there are many laws, such as gravity, that make people attracted to the earth and it makes them avoid falling off of it.

KID: But teacher so are these people walking upside down?

TEACHER: No, of course not because of this blablablabla law, that this blablabla dude invented (probably a semite).

This creates cognitive dissonance. The kid by nature trusts adults so he will accept this as truth but will be in confusion. He will start thinking wow! It is all so complicated! Better to give trust to people that study the field, my 5 senses,rational thought and intuition are apparently wrong. I will learn this by memory.

The teacher herself can only repeat what she has been taught, cognitive dissonance is a contagious disease, she would not be able to explain the concepts, she can only repeat them.

For this reason I myself will propose a true law, one that is actually useful: if something is too complicated for a child to easily understand, it is 99 percent bullshit. Nature is simple, intelligence is simplicity, it is making complex things simple, whoever makes simple things complicated is NOT an intelligent person. People cannot live upside down, a kid can easily understand this, the world is actually a plain and all of our instincts tell us this but no, TRUST THE SYSTEM not yourself.

An other example:

MUM: Eat your veggies Timmy!

KID: No mum they are digusting! Why do they taste so bad if they are so healthy for me?

MUM: Don’t be stupid son! You need them to become strong like popeye!

Here the kid is taught to not trust his natural instinct, and the mother, who is incapable of explaining why the plants are so healthy yet taste like dog crap, uses a cartoon image of a strong man (all kids want to become strong) to obtain her result and motivate her child to eat the spinach. She cannot use real life examples since muscles are made with meat, not vegetables.

Television is as powerful as education for creating cognitive dissonance. Many films are made on purpose to not make rationally sense, what happens in the film is made on purpose to not make sense, it is designed to put people in emotionality mode. People that loose rationality and are stuck in emotionality are EXTREMELY easy to manipulate and the occult masters know this perfectly.

This is a perfect example. In the last batman movie the police without weapons, charges the soldiers of bane that have ak47s and actually win. This is plain retarded but people overlook it because of emotional involvement, special effects and music. If this fenomena gets repeated often, it will switch off your capacity of thought and make you a complete moron converting this thought pattern of emotional override from hollywood movies to real life. It is designed to disconnect people from reality. Things just make sense because you are conditioned to, not because there is a rational thought behind them. I remember when I was younger and in this state of being that everything appeared so complicated: economy, space, maths, diet ecc. The truth is things are not that complicated, on the contrary, and if you actually started using your innate capacities instead of switching them off you would understand it, but of course the system would not want this or you could easily see trough its lies, as i am just doing right now.

What can you do to cure subconscious cognitive dissonance? Doubt everything, put everything to a test. Why is the earth a globe? Why is meat unhealthy? Dig in it, do not trust the authorities, do your own research, put your brain and instinct at work, completely switch off emotionality when doing research, it is enemy to truth seeking. Truth is harsh and hits like a truck sometimes, so you will also need to develop some intestinal fortitude. Go hear from both sides of an argument and see who is more emotional and what arguments actually are simple and make sense.


VEGAN: meat causes cancer.

CARNIVORE: the first cancer was found in ancient egypt, a society based on agriculture. Native americans ate only meat and had no cancer, same for the eskimos.

VEGAN: you are a liar! Science clearly says that meat is bad for you! Even the world health organization says so! The eskimos die at thirty year old! Science says they are terribly unhealthy!

CARNIVORE: ok, but many people that visited them actually saw eskimos in their 80’s in perfect health, they have teeth so strong they can eat bones.

VEGAN: you are a liar! Stupid! Aaaaaaa. The green zones are all vegan!

CARNIVORE: according to weston price, that actually visited most of the world still existent tribes, all of native people highly praised animal products and the ones that ate the less vegetation were the strongest and healthiest.

VEGAN: liaaaaaarrr green zones! Eskimos die early blablabla.

CARNIVORE: ok, if veganism is so healthy then why are you full of acne, pale,skinny and have digestion problems while i am strong, vibrant with perfect skin?

VEGAN: this is anecdotal and has no meaning, use scientific evidence.

As always – attack and appeal to authority vs rational observation and playing the ball not the player. Learn how to distinguish rational thinkers to dogmatic morons.

Luckily we have an advantage once we woke up that will make everything easier: the truth is 99 percent of times the opposite of what is being pushed so this makes it a very easy task to know when something is a lie in modern reality.

Here are the arguments with more cognitive dissonance and supported by people infected by such psychological disease:

  • Globe Earth
  • Veganism
  • Climate Change
  • Feminism
  • Science
  • Politics
  • History
  • Religion

I hope I made clear what cognitive dissonance actually is with this article and wish that my readers start doubting EVERYTHING they have been taught, not only diet, and get control again of their minds.

Prodacle Armato

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