You are what you eat

Our body is not a fixed and immutable element like for example a rock but it is instead an organism that has a continuous need for certain substances and external inputs to keep itself strong and not degenerate. So, to maintain proper body functionality and good inter organ coordination we need everything that the body is composed of but especially:

  • Proteins for the exchange of “fleshy” protein tissues;
  • fat for the replacement and maintenance of nerve tissue and cell membranes;
  • oxygen;
  • minerals;
  • sun.

The body with meat and fat from healthy animals has everything necessary to regenerate its tissues, making degenerative diseases impossible. Life needs life and the human being must literally eat, as every carnivore does, what it is composed of so as not to deteriorate like the vegans in this video, who even if eating enormous quantities of food, tend to cannibalize themselves exactly like the jewish prisoners of Auschwitz .

Our body in fact does not forgive; if it does not have the bricks necessary to replace worn cells and to build new ones it will begin to eat itself in what will be the survival of the fittest at the cellular level, until reaching the vegan skeletal forms, in which only a few cells remain with difficulty in supporting a body now close to death.

In fact, it is scientifically well established that it takes a specific amount of time for each type of organ or tissue to reconstitute. After this natural process of replacement, not even one cell of the fabric of the previous generation will still be present, the job of sustaining the being will be now done by the stronger and more vigorous new generation of cells. This though happens only if we eat according to nature feeding on the whole animal from head to tail in its raw state. Grains on the other hand or vegetables do not support tissue replacement in any way but only contribute in causing cellular damage and necrosis, accelerating aging and various body-mind degenerations.

To recapitalize, here we have two completely opposite examples:


Daily diet consisting of 500g raw meat, 300g liver and 200g butter:

  • Proteins? Perfect for the body and abundant with consequent increase in muscle mass as a deposit;
  • Fats? Plenty, the brain thanks;
  • Inflammatory foods? Absent;
  • Perfect turnover, body remains strong and young;
  • Abundant and readily available minerals, marble bones

VOTE 10, eat according to nature therefore you are rewarded with well-being and longevity.


Daily diet : rice 500g, 300g of carrots and 200g of fruit.

  • Proteins? Zero;
  • Fats? Zero;
  • Inflammatory foods? All;
  • Inexistent turnover, body begins to cannibalize itself until exhaustion;
  • Minerals – Few & unavailable, osteoporosis and brittle bones.

VOTE 0, congratulations you are on the road to death and illness

Based on what I said earlier, the importance of what you put in your mouth is evident, with foods that promote life on one side and others that cause cell rotting and necrosis, literally determining the structural and biochemical composition of your body.

Do you eat raw meat? Your body will stay young and strong, the cells will be strong and full of life until the end of your long days. The cellular state will also manifest itself in the psyche giving you a life of meaning.

Do you eat cooked meat? The vital force of your body will have to revitalize the dead protein tissue to be able to use it causing premature aging due to enzymatic loss.

Do you eat pizza, bread and pasta? You will probably have protein deficiency in addition to having rotten tissues from the sticky toxins of carbohydrates; if you eat a lot of meat you can partially stop AGE’s damage even if you are still risking serious illness and reducing your life cycle by half. I hope for you that its worth it.

Vegetarian? If you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian or like the centenarian Indians you are living on kefir, eggs and urine and you were born in a pristine environment you should have a pretty good life, even if you will never have the psycho-physical strength of a carnivore. If you do it in the modern style, good luck: you will age twice as fast as your friends, you will have twice as many chances to develop depression, mental illness and cancer by living an insignificant and natural life for your choice.

Vegan? There are better and faster ways to commit suicide. Nobody forces you to stay in this world, if you hate nature nothing stops you from jumping off a balcony. Your only joy is to bring other people into your sick cult, so I can only wish a slow and suffering death that will surely come. Bye bye.

Raw meat and RAW animal products are the only ones to have a total ABSENCE of toxic or inflammatory substances and to give the body, even in abundance, everything it needs.

Think well therefore about what you are putting in your bellies as that food will become part of you. Eating the macdonald even only once a year will cause your cells to have a cheese burger garbage deposit somewhere in your body, the same goes for any junk food. If you eat junk you will become garbage, if you eat nature you will become nature. This is not a joke and unfortunately or fortunately one of the laws of this realm is such: you will be made of what you eat, nothing more nothing less. Fortunately, as I said earlier, our system is open and changeable, so there is always the possibility to revitalize your tissues thus regaining the benefits of having a healthy body. I hope that after this article the reader may be more aware of the effect that the food he eats will have on his being and the importance of eating raw meat.

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