Why primal? (part 2)

While the first part was dedicated to the philosophical and metaphysical side of things, this will explain the physical part illustrating the proof of the carnivorous human concept through simple natural observation. Lets start from the top of the body, the head, and analyse the various body structures in a descending sequence.

The brain

The brain is made up to 60% of saturated fat with the rest being nearly entirely cholesterol.
Probably the two most demonized nutrients and molecular structures of todays world.

Humans have huge nervous systems that absorb and need many nutrients to work at full capacity and all of these nutrients are found in animal protein and especially in the fatty tissue in naturally perfect amounts and ratios. Saturated fat and cholesterol are pivot for the functioning of brain electric impulses and regeneration but all the other vitamins, minerals and fatty acids play a vital synergistic role.

Vitamin A,D,K2,EPA,DHA, phosphorus, creatine, b vitamins, calcium, magnesium, heme iron are all fundamental for making the brain work at its fullest regime. Most of these biochemical elements are found only in animal products with trace amounts in vegetables of just a fraction of them and with terrible bioavailability.

What about glucose? This will be a typical question. We need glucose for brain functioning in great quantities! This will be a typical bigot affirmation. This is not true on the opposite the brain works best when in KETOSIS, a state from witch great quantities of carbohydrates as those present in grains will kick you out of. Eating carbohydrates creates AdvancedGlycationEnd products, AGE’s, and many other toxins such as acrylamides that slow down electric transmission in the central nervous system and damage it. The end point of these damages are neurological or neuromuscular diseases such as alzheimers, parkinsons, memory loss, depression and many others. Brain does need some glucose, about 2%, and it should preferibly be formed from pyruvate made from protein in the process of gluconeogenesis. Excessive glucose in the blood stream also creates a sticky blood that flows slowly decreasing oxygen transportation to the whole body and especially to the brain.

The eyes

Herbivores have their eyes positioned laterally for peripheric vision to WIDEN their vision to sense nearby predators. Carnivores on the other hand have eyes positioned frontally to focus on the prey with enhanced longitudinal vision.

The teeth

Herbivorous creatures have big flat teeth for munching and grinding on grass and vegetation with a lateral movement of the jaw called rumination to then regurgitate the food and chew it a second time. Carnivores have cutting teeth and their jaw movement is mostly vertical. Human teeth, including molars, are all cutting teeth designed to crunch meat and in natural tribes with strong teeths even bones, as the mighty eskimos do with their incredibly robust jaws.

The tongue

In many ways the human is way more similar to the a bear or a pig, food wise, than to a wolf. Contrary to other carnivorous animals we have lingual amylase, as humans, like bears, are designed to enjoy in season berries and honey to stock on extra weight for winter.

This doesn’t mean as vegans point out that we are meant to eat tons of starches and it doesn’t mean that we should eat like a horse because even horses have this enzyme on their tongue.

We have also many enzyme receptors on our tongue and salive for meat and fat. MSG, monosodium glutammate, makes even dirt taste good since it tricks our mind we are eating nutritious meat by tricking our umami receptors. If we weren’t meant to eat meat nature would of made it disgusting to our taste buds, thing that happens only with “health” foods such as kale and broccoli.

Digestive tract

This is literally the longest one….. to explain.

Lets start from the stomach. The argument used to say we are not carnivores is that we don’t produce as high amounts of hydrochloric acid in our stomachs as other meat eaters such as cats and dogs. This is true yet their observation ability fail in noticing that we produce even higher amount of this acid in the small intestine. If bulls eat grass and are muscular so can we! What a bright observation! Congratulations vegan but i’ve got bad news: ruminants have 4 stomachs specialized in fermenting the vegetation so that the bacteria can extract from them saturated fat and amino acids, we don’t have this ability. Some other creatures such as primates can ferment fiber in their colon in exchange, always through bacteria action, saturated fats and aminos. This is possible only because these beings have big, long colons while ours are too short to do so, once the fiber starts fermenting in the colon it is already out and in the place it deserves to be, in the toilet. Herbivores have an incredibly vast amount of enzymes to break down cellulose, if you open a random biochemistry book you will come to the knowledge that we have NONE.


We have an enormous organ who’s main purpose is to produce bile with a symbiotic assistant called gallbladder that acts as a deposit for such substance. The purpose of bile is to disassemble saturated fat making it ready for digestion by the intestinal vili. Hydrochloric acid has similar function but for protein. Why have such a big and central organ produce a substance to digest something that modern “science” says its bad for you?


This organ has a digestive role by secreting pancreatic juices in the intestine. Other than that its an enzyme deposit, coordinator and signalator with a heavy role in blood sugar regulation through the hormones insulin and glucagone. The pancreas is a delicate organ and should work hard only in summer season to produce insulin, in response to the berry sugar, to stock weight. If this hard work becomes chronic and intensified by year round heavy glucose consumption it will burn the langheran isles of the pancreas degenerating in diabetes with all its health consequences, and insulin resistance of the rest of the body, the origin of all metabolic diseases.


Testicles need zinc to work properly and bioavailable zinc is found only in animal products.

Bone marrow

Its mostly saturated fat and needs saturated fat in the diet to maintain and regenerate itself and produce, with the conjunction of iron, many beautiful and puffy red blood cells for oxygen delivery.

if to absorb non heme-iron all you need is vitamin c, then why are many vegan and vegeterian anemic? An example of modern day lies of “science”.

Fangs and claws

Last but not least the vegan argument is: but humans don’t have big, sharp claws and fangs. Incredible observation again, truly mind blowing, but again i have bad news. Humans have thumbs and brains with the ability to create things way scarier than claws arriving in modern times to create weapons, such as guns, that could slaughter 100 animals in less than 20 seconds.

In synthesis every structure of the body is dependent on protein and saturated fats with the related micronutrients for their functioning.

These substances are to us what sun is for a plant. A plant can survive in the shadow but real growth will be only possible with nice, strong sun rays. So is fat and meat for us humans.

With peace,
Prodacle Armato

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