When I talk about raw meat, unfortunately, I often might seem like a fanatic or someone who is a little bit crazy. There are those who understand that it can be a healthy way of eating but still do not understand the reason for my fixation with this lifestyle. I am told: we know that meat is good, we do a paleo diet, or: don’t think so much about diet, in the end it’s just food!

Well my dear the truth is not that I am obsessed but that I simply made a sensational discovery of which you cannot understand the essence because you do not have the balls nor the natural instinct to try it yourself. Raw meat is not only good for the body, its real benefit is its effect on the soul. Raw meat has helped me more than a thousand fucking psychologists to regain my serenity and come out of a troubled past. It gave me the strength to better face my inner demons and the biochemical balance needed to be more at peace with myself.

Raw meat regenerates the spirit as much as the body and I can easily say that it has proved to be the fundamental mean for ascending from that abyss of sadness caused by my disastrous childhood and adolescence.

For this reason I laugh in the face of those who tell me that the food I eat is disgusting while eating a plate of pasta and tomato, those poor idiots are sacrificing such a great pleasure just for a bit of dulling down food without understanding the stupidity of what they are doing and what nastiness they are doing to their being.

The incredible advantage of raw meat is its profound effect on the psyche, a characteristic that cooked meat loses completely. In fact, nature rewards the eater who follows her rules with an endogenous production of neurotransmitters greatly amplified compared to those who eat “normally”, leading you to be practically high on life.

Mother nature has never created this world to make her creatures depressed and suffering, the word depression before the beginning of cooking was almost certainly foreign and the Eskimos are the proof of this. Is it perhaps a coincidence that these people, who live in devastating environments, are considered by many travelers to be the happiest and most joyful people ever met? Why do most people who eat raw meat only think about having fun and are the only ones who don’t need drugs to do it? The drug addict, in my opinion, is nothing but a malnourished person who tries to recover some neurotransmitters, which he would have naturally and without side effects if he ate well, by artificial means, with all the consequences that derive from it. The truth is that I often talk about raw meat and I decided to build a project around it because…… it makes me happy! The first time I ate bull balls I had a smile from ear to ear for two days in a row, I felt like I was high as a kite on life!

Ewww blended bull balls says the weed junkie, how disgusting! No man, YOU are disgusting if you need drugs to feel at peace with yourself because you choose to have your munchies with macdonalds, instead of raw milk like the Indians do, and eat only bread and potatoes because you are too stupid, lazy, or ignorant to understand nutrition and its importance.

My story in fact with raw meat began just like this: I noticed that the tartar that my mother made me, besides being much easier to digest than cooked steaks, put me in a good mood. However, due to the fear of parasites, I did some research and discovered Aajonus who talked about how to solve serious depression problems in a week by feeding his patients rotten meat.

Many, not all, of mood problems have nothing to do with what happens in your life but are only connected to our way of eating! How much peace this diet has brought me by drastically changing my character and making me much more in control of my emotions. How many fights less thanks to the raw butter and its calming effect on the nervous system. How many more moments in which I thank the cosmos for being alive instead of cursing life.

To finish, I advise the reader, if skeptical, to try 3 days of primal dieting and to see himself on his being as personal experience says more than a million words.

So remember, don’t go to the psychiatrist for mental health problems, go to your personal butcher! Put the marijuwana in the toilet and eat some raw meat and butter with some friends.

I hope that one day people are less ready to judge from a place of ignorance and try themselves before calling people crazy. Until that day and beyond I will be here eating my RAW MEAT, because anything in life that gives me joy in this now macabre world, I will keep it tight to myself.

With joy,
Prodacle Armato