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It is very important for me to talk about this argument. While sv3rige has been extremely important for my development as a person, i truly don’t think that him and his ideas should be a long term place in which to be. Lets talk for first about the foundation on which his philosophy of life is based and for each one of these points, i shall say why I think they are limited and not agree with them any longer.

1) Nature

Sv3rige was born in civilization, grew up in civilization and passes stil to this day most of his time in civilization. He does not really know what nature is, he doesn’t live on a farm or in countryside but in cities, has no intention of getting a hunting license and when invited to pass some time with sleeping bags in the mountains he decided to skip. So this person constantly embraces nature as all remedies against all evils yet decides to not embrace a natural life style and actually LIVE in nature or at least in the countryside, this is hypocrisy.

His view of nature is also very limited, failing to comprehend that nature is not monothematic and that there are many different kinds of nature, and that man is actually nature himself, so if something is MAN MADE, it is actually also a manifestation of nature. Christianity for example is a part of nature, a very shitty one if you ask me, but it is still a product of a natural force and of human beings who followed their nature of fucking shit up. Nature is not all positive, there are parts of nature that suck ass. Pedofilia is natural for some people, yet it is fucking disgusting, raping a woman for some means following their natural instincts yet it is for me unnatural and slaughtering someone that rapes woman is very natural! Nature has very different faces, if you fail to understand this you do not know anything about nature. For this reason this constant appeal to nature, after careful rational examination means nothing. He is probably talking about the freedom of following YOUR nature instead of fighting it, because as I said EVERY single thing that happens in this realm is by definition natural, even fighting your own nature! So here we are in a dogmatic terrain, not good Gatis, not good! Here is a problem that makes us pass to the next point: he hates the system so much (a creation of a natural force) yet loves who created it.

2) Illuminati veneration

In the sv3rige philosophy, which is for me very fascinating to analyze, the most natural and wonderful humans on earth are the illuminati. He admitted more times he would be extremely happy to join them and would happily try baby adrenochrome. This creates problems again on his constant appeal to nature: if he went in a tribe, lets say an eskimo one, and actually raped a baby and ate it(even if not of that tribe or race), he would be impaled, probably after torture, and it doesn’t become much more “natural” than an eskimo, so there is no excuse of society conditioning. So when sv3rige considers nature, he is actually only considering the most inferior, demonic and animalistic part of it totally excluding the superior aspects of nature and humanity(still nature), so according to this simplistic and a bit ignorant view, it makes sense that the illuminati are the best, but this is only because Gatis himself is stuck into pure materialism and ignores that many humans have a SPIRITUAL component to their being, many of us would naturally find the idea of drinking baby blood incredibly wrong, it is not social conditioning, it is nature sir! The illuminati are completely stuck into the brain and into materialism, a spirit with a tendency to the divine would never be able to slaughter a baby after torturing it, but would have a tendency to create love in this realm, not destruction or suffering. It is obvious that these fellows from the desert are very far from being an elite, if you do not comprehend this well also you are stuck in the brain my friend. These people are the worst slaves of their demons and of materialism, for such reason they want to enslave everybody, while a true aristocrat creates freedom and liberation since he is free himself.

These people are incredibly empty inside and have to balance this void with a maximized neurotransmitter production obtained from adrenochrome and cannibalism. My point is that they are not the only DOMINANT force of nature, actually they are inferior to the true elite, the spiritual one, the masters of them selves, the ARYANS. Reading my article occult war would be helpful to grasp this concept.

3) Ascension through diet

As i said sv3rige is a person stuck into materialism, and this is the consequence, diet becomes the end itself instead of a tool for spiritual ascension. Instead of using the increased neurotransmitter production of this diet to grow, he uses it to mask his suffering and inner pains caused by his problematic childhood and adolescence. If you use primal diet for such objectives you are only doing yourself damage, it will block your development instead of increasing it. It is easy from watching his videos when vegan how much more introspective he was (even too much), how much more he was searching from life. Now he thinks he found it all, he stopped searching, he thinks he reached the max level when he barely started climbing the mountain. Regaining the health of your physical vessel, through diet and sunshine, has nothing to do with ascension itself, it just a tool that in the right hands can be very beneficial, but in the wrong ones such as in the ones of sv3rige, can be harmful for spiritual evolution.

These are the three main points that show the limits of the sv3rige religion, a religion though that can be extremely useful at first to break through abrahamic dualism but if not surpassed can become just a bigger cage than the one you were in before. If you truly seek freedom this is not the right path, stay in this place as much as you need to and then move on. If you follow these values, you will pass from being trapped by abrahamic dogmas to being trapped in your inferior tendencies and possibilities.

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