Raw vs Cooked? (part 2)

While in the first part of this series we mostly talked about natural tribes demonstrating that, contrary to popular beleif, in the wild state most of the food is eaten raw, often still hot from the body of the animal as the Eskimos show us in this video:

In this second part instead we will talk about what cooking rappresents on a metaphysical level, on its possible origins and its mutual dependence on modern day cultural fundaments. Before this though, we have to get rid of a serie of dogmas. First of all, lighting up a fire without the aid of modern technology is way harder, in many climatic conditions,than what you see on television. Who simply camped in nature in a humid place knows this. For example me and some friends during a raining day in the alps really wanted to light a fire near our sleeping bags. Even though we had a lighter and lot of paper, the humidity wouldn’t let the wood catch fire and after a couple of tries we understood it was a no go. My tip is to stop watching Bear Grill’s shows and star trying yourself to lit fires in nature, you will understand that its not as simple as you might think. In second place we have to note that raw meat and raw fat are way more thermogenic than the cooked versions, eskimos learned this the hard way. As a rule these people have indeed to never cook anything unless they are nearer than half a day of walk to a camp of theirs. They know that to stay strong in those harsh climates during travel, they need the vigor that only raw meat gives. This said, we should eliminate from our minds the idea of the primitive caveman cooking all of his food in his campfire, being this very far from the ancestral reality.

Nature is simple. By a rule of thumb if something is too complicated to be understood by a child its probably bullshit or a labirinthic lie invented by some human. Why can all animals eat food in its natural raw state without problems while humans have to cook everything till its completely dead? It makes no sense. Little Tim would easily point that out while digging a worm from the ground to eat. We don’t know with precision when, why or where humans started cooking most of their food but we have some hypothesis:

  1. Humans started cooking most of their food with the arrival of abrahamic religions. These religions, that hate and condemn everything that is natural as “pagan”, banned the consumption of blood, kidney fat, horse and pig meat and aro also probably at the genesis of the idea that raw meat is demonic and satanic. One of the central reasons(that remains mostly unknown to this day), that caused the near genocide of the native americans, is the obligation imposed from the christian invasors on the natives to cook their meat, since raw meat was considered to be demonic by the mentally ill occidentals. This created many problems to the redskins, who were not used to the cooked meat and its toxins, contributing heavily to their fall and ruin.
  2. Cooking started with the passage from mostly pastural based societies to agricultural ones to make plant foods, that contrary to animal products are made less toxic and more easily digestible from heat, more edible and, with time, this brought to the usage of cooking all the food.
  3. Tentative from more civilized cultures to differentiate themselves from the “savages” of their times.
  4. Brainwash from the elite of the past on the masses to more easily control them and weaken them. An example of how dietetic changes in the past were used by the high casts to control fertility and vigor of the masses, is in india. The aristocrats that lived on meat told the rest of the population not to eat it because against the gods, creating itself a huge advantage in both physical and mental strength.
  5. Necessity, when it wasn’t possible to eat a freshly slaughtered animal with its hot meat, to recreate the heat ending up in more and more complex ways of cooking.

There are many other possibilities related to the origins of cooking and we think its probably more factors combined. On top of this we have another important hypothesis. Cooking could of originated from the necessity of poor peasants who lived mainly on grains to eliminate parasites, that in there diet consisting mainly of starches and with very little protein, could of created serious problems. Agricultural diets create many degenerative tissue and the parasites feed on it trying to cleanse the body. Problem is that there are no protein in their diet to substitute the dead cells, so the cleansing, instead of being utilized to get rid of rotten tissue to then exchange it with new one, creates emptiness that cannot be replenished with consequences being similar to ulcers in different part of the body, plus the parasite can grow to enormous levels causing intestinal obstructions. The problem though its not the parasite, which has incredibly beneficial properties in a correctly nourished body, but its the unnatural diet.

The idea that cooked is better than raw goes hand in hand with the darwinist evolution THEORY on which modernity is built on. This belief brings us to consider nature as imperfect, evil and brutal and that man has to fight it and dominate it through technological progress. In such context modifying through the use of fire something that nature gives us its seen as an improvement and victory on nature itself. However there is a problem in this philosophy: its built on a castle of lies. As we have seen before, cooking its nothing other than a demential process that destroys nutrients and creates toxins with the inevitable consequence of brain shrinking, not growth. Very smart also, in our opinion, going to war against the same force, present everywhere both out and inside of us, that created through its magical tune this world full of wonder and that made us the gift of life. How dumb on the other hand must of been our ancestors , who based their existence on the deep love relationship with such force, admired it and tried to comprehend the misteries of life instead of spitting on it!

Hail modernity with our longevity cut in half, miserable health and chronic unhappiness….. who gives a damn, we have iphones! Not like our savage forefathers who ate disgusting raw meat and who barely knew depression and disease, those idiots didn’t even have internet! Shame on them!

In synthesis nature donates us something perfect as trophy for one of the most fun activities, on which most sports and videogames are based on: hunting.

Raw meat, blood, fat, a bunch of delicious organs and hides made on purpose by the divine to keep us healthy, strong and happy with perfect biochemical and molecular structures for our fisiology. Full of enzymes, bacteria, vitamins and minerals raw meat of various creatures have always been and will always be sources of pure joy for the soul and body of the human being. Yet what we choose to do? Burn such marvelous creation to challenge the same gods that conceived us with love, and we do it with pride!

The only true hope, for who to this day can still be called human being, is a return to our primordial traditions, returning to be friends, not enemies of mother nature and learn again to follow its laws and teachings. This will make us keep the same sparkle of life that children have in their eyes till the day of our death, that we will accept with a smile. To start walking on this harsh but rewarding and beautiful path we have to start from eating raw meat. I already started walking on this path for a while by now and i can sure tell you, even if its been hard some times, that there is no chance i’m going back.

With love,
Prodacle Armato

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