Fuck Primal

I recently understood how stupid this diet obsession really is. It is not a healthy approach to life putting so much effort in thinking about what you put in your mouth.  These primal people talking about nature when they don’t even know anything about ancient traditions, relgions and culture. People that think that people that lived in nature were just human animals eating raw meat and having sex like baboons reproducing like mice. You fucking idiot know NOTHING about nature yet only talk about it. “Oh its man made”or “its a book so it has no meaning or purpose, you can’t trust it”or”it’s unnatural!”. Well you are an idiot. Human being is part of nature so that something is man made does not mean it is unnatural in first place, nature is fucking complicated, human nature is fucking complicated. 

We are not animals, we have an animal side but we are not animals. By obsessing with something like diet you are putting all of your energy in something that even the most disgusting insects and creature on this earth do: eat and shit. 

I am not saying that raw meat is not a valuable tool, on the contrary i think that raw meat is very important for a human being, but this said, if you have to force yourself to eat all the time and loose the true pleasure of eating tasty food then you are a religious zealot. Just eat natural foods without chemicals like our grandgrandfathers did. Do not eat too many carbohydrates, eat some raw, some cooked and some fermented food and you will be very healthy and yet have both social and mental freedom from what is becoming more similar to a sect. This comes from a person that was totally obsessed with this crap for two years. My physical health increased dramatically on primal diet but my mental and spiritual? No. I got weaker. paranoid about everything. I didn’t feel truly healthy because i was lacking spiritual equilibrium. The only reason i would go back to primal would be to heal some bad disease since it is pretty clear that only eating raw food has a special curative effect on the body ,but this said, i really start to think that being in a constant state of detox is extremely taxing on the organism and should not be kept for long term and be done only if strictly necessary for some disease. 

Raw meat does not transform a donkey in a horse. Some of the best people i have ever met in my life, with more wisdom, intelligence and overall human quality lived on grains and beans for the most part. Some incredibly retarded people eat raw meat. Diet means little to nothing when it comes to human consciousness and development. 

I also learned another lesson from this diet: keto is not sustainable long term. So you have two choices, especially if you are physically active and not that idiot that talks about nature all the time yet passes most of his day behind a computer: drink tons of milk or eat starches. I had to quit powerlifting and heavy physical activity because of keto, it is very hard to maintain good muscle masses on keto and train well, you will burn out sooner or later. The only milk i can properly digest when not fermented is sheep milk which is not available to me at the moment. Am i gonna be a religious zealot and feel without energy not being able to train because “grains are for slaves”? No. I will eat some rice and feel energetic, be able to train hard and get muscular and athletic. Wonder why there are no power athletes on a ketogenic diet? Mmmm….

Overall my message of this article is that primal is a fad and i got tired with it to be honest. I would rather sacrifice part of my physical health but enjoy my life more, eat grains and cooked meat some times to be able to train again and enjoy my lunch more. I found that with some people on primal i resonate good mostly because they are savages in the spirit but there are also a bunch of fags out there that eat raw meat yet are the worst of slaves. Those people i hate them even more than vegans, they are a bunch of useless faggots. To conclude i will say this, after being stuck for nearly two years in this mental trap: fuck the primal diet, i want to live for real. 

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  1. chris kazaam

    I’ve maintained my primal diet paranoia (100%) for over 10 years after 7 years of as a a partial-primal fella. You’re right that you cannot live “normally” on this diet/lifestyle, but to me that is similar to folding to the fashion, the masters of approved living/thinking. Enjoy your path. But I must say that during the 10 + years of pure primal eatin massively improved my leg workout, without actually increasing my food intake.

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