The story of Caruvan

Caruvan grew up in a normal house, with a normal family and got educated by school like all of his normal friends. Canuvan had a perfectly normal life having studied for university, now he was working for a company of toy manifacture six days out of seven, 8 hours a day. He had a good wage and a normal wife waiting him at home.

Caruvan was christian, as was all his family because it was normal in his town. The fellow was thinking of going vegan but he was in doubt because the bible sort of forbided it, but his doctor, of whom Caruvan had total trust, was suggesting him to cut down on animal products to mitigate his metabolic syndrome symptoms and high cholesterol.

Caruvan hated racism, maschilism, fascism, anti-semitism and homphobia. How can people hate on the poor jews who went through so much pain? How could white people hate blacks when we humans are all the same? The man of christ was a proud femminist and often manifestated with his obese wife Dorothy( he really loved her new blue hair colour) against toxic masculinity.

Caruvan and Dorothy did not want children because they thought that the world was already overpopulated, so instead they had four little beautiful doggies who were properly fed with kibble and vaccinated. He and his wife really loved their hairy childs and made them many comforts but unluckily one of their little creatures had cancer and their veterinarian said he could do nothing about it, it was genetics.

Caruvan, even during bad days, always kept a smile on his face and was very polite to everybody at work. He hated his boss but kept always a full smile when ever he passed by. The fatty fellow wanted to have a promotion, he thought he deserved it, he was such a hard worker.

Caruvan was neither happy nor unhappy, he didn’t really enjoy working everyday but the idea of going back home to play his favourite video game where he could slay dragons sort of kept him going. When he got depressed some times he would just remind himself how lucky he has been for being born in the 21st century: people in the past had to go to war and had many diseases! If I was born in Africa I would have no food, I am so lucky he repeated to himself.

Caruvan on saturday night went often out with his friends to eat pizza and drink beer, they often talked of politics, sport and work, they did every time many pics of their dinners to post on instagram, he nearly reached 300 followers!

On sunday Caruvan went to church with his family to prey fo the lord all mighty and ask sorry for his sins, he indeed masturbated to porn friday night since he had a hard time getting a boner with his lovely wife, and was very ashamed of it.

Now its monday, back to work again, he needed that promotion if he wanted to buy a new car and change house. The life of Caruvan went on like this from his thirties to his fifties, he did not get the promotion, Jack his colleague did because he was more punctual at work, but instead he got diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctor said Caruvan there was nothing to do, the genetics weren’t on his side, probably he should of eaten less meat, he should of listened to him before and practiced a more healthy life style with many physical activity.

The unlucky fellow went vegan now and started chemotherapy, but his weird friend Marcus, who was so stupid to believe that the world was flat, told him that there was an alternative healer able to cure cancer with a raw and putrid meat diet. Caruvan could not stop laughing, the flat earth, the jew conspiracy, the 9/11 inside job, and now this! He insulted Marcus calling him a retarded conspiracy theorist and said to him he had enough of his stupidity and that he would of immediately start chemo and that this with his vegan diet would of maybe cured him, the news said it and he knew, contrarily to his stupid mate, that cancer was because of an acid body induced by animal products.

After 6 months of terrible agony, Caruvan finally died. His family and wife were crying rivers at his funeral but were releived because they knew he was now in paradise. The wife was crying mostly because now she was alone, had no money since they spent most of them on the therapy and had to care about her doggies. 5 months later she married Jack with whom she already had a sexual relationship several times from when her husband got sick.

Why do alway the best stars have to go away so fast cried his mother, he was such a perfect example, he never did anything bad and was a great worker! May the lord have pity of his soul!


Caruvan did not go to paradise but instead went where all the hollow man go: in the eternal cycle of the abyss. Caruvan was not a “good” man, Caruvan was a subhuman slave. He was not a normal natural human, he was a modern degenerate monster. Many people are like Caruvan and thanks to their number and ignorance the world finally became a shit hole. Do not be like Caruvan, do not be “normal”, Normality nowadays is collective mental illness and weakness. Do not be like the masses, be an outcast in what is a great mental asylum, become a primordial natural human again. The more people call you crazy, the more you should be proud of yourself, you are on the RIGHT route. Do the opposite of what society preaches and you will stop being a domesticated sheep and become a wolf again, a real human. To all the Caruvan that mock you and insult you, you should only have these words: aren’t you ashamed of yourself, putrid slave?

Prodacle Armato

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