Terror and glory in London

The monk was ready. The bombs were all in place, in half an hour he would have unleashed the chaos in the streets of London with a simple click. The vegans and animalists had indeed taken the possibility of eating meat from his son Hippoleo, making him die of anemia at just 5 years old. In 2026 the animals acquired the same rights as men and now eating meat was considered cannibalism and slaughtering a lamb murder, making meat findable only in the black market at crazy prices, prices that few in the world could afford.

There was also a military government department charged to ensure that no one raised cattle in secret and to put guard posts in hunting areas, to prevent people who still wanted to eat their natural diet do so. They were called animal guards and were famous for their violence against humans, though were still the same considered heroes by the animalists and being part of them was considered a great honor despite their well known acts of brute violence even towards children.

The few remaining awake people understood the dangers of the situation: governments relying on the stupidity of the masses had indeed deprived them of the most important food for human health, meat.
The true tragedy in all of this was that the masses celebrated thinking that they were progressing towards a superior and more civilized society, failing to even notice the drastic decline in health in general and the frightening increase in mental illness in the population.
Ishtur, called the monk, lost not only his son to such madness but also several of his friends began to develop cancer of various types and started loosing their minds.

There were those who tried the path of cannibalism, but the zombie flesh was so putrid because of what was now human food, the soylent, to create more problems than anything else, often leading to madness.
The soylent was an industrial mush sold off as extremely healthy by the media while in reality it literally caused people to rot. Its ingredients were soy, salt, msg, flour pea isolate, garlic, a dozen chemical additives, powdered spinach and vegetable oil. The vegans were crazy for it and did nothing but talk about it saying how much better and more natural it was than eating animals “corpse”.

Ishtur unfortunately realized that humanity had lost, the governmental elite was too well protected for it to be harmed and knew well that without meat there was no life left. For this reasons he decided, after the death of his son, to die in glory bringing with him as many of those putrid zombies as possible.

He had hidden throughout the animalist march, now made up of more than a million people, highly explosive TNT bags, hiding them mostly in bins and other unseen spots.
In addition to this, he had a team of ten brothers ready to draw their ak47s or charge the crowd with a 100km per hour van.Those weren’t human, those soylent fed masses were masses of putrescent flesh and because of their stupidity his son was dead, Ishtur therefore had no mercy.

So, at the peak hour of the march, with the vegans screaming “Not your milk! Not yours meat! Assassins! ”, the monk clicked the little button in his pocket and that was how the most glorious and divinely just massacre of humanity began.

All kinds of limbs begin to fly in the air, splashes of rotten vegan brain ended up in the air and on the walls of adjacent buildings, putrid blood slid into the gutters. Ishtur and his companions then drew out their ak47s and began firing in bursts at the desperate people who still held themselves on their feet. Mario charged at the central crowd with his van, killing at least a thousand of the demons.

Police? There was no police, no one would have ever expected a terrorist attack on the “poor” animal rights activists.

The monk was as proud and happy as he had never been since the deprivation of the meat, the divine extermination gave him peace in his heart, he had indeed performed a heavenly act of purification of a once noble land, Valhalla awaited him.

The military drones took very little time to take out the rebels one by one, who knew well that would of been their last act and that there was really no chance in defending themselves against the new military technology. That day, 200,000 vegans died and that noble act inspired still alive souls to rebel against the system by regaining possession of some farms and hunting grounds.

Ishtur’s flame had lit a bonfire, the great war had now begun. The sacrifice of the monk unleashed the anger of the gods against the corrupt titans, hail war and hail life.

Glory to the king, glory to Mars the god of war chanted the new rebels, glory to life!

Prodacle Armato

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