Bank robbery

Ludwig was running naked down the street with his AK47, covered in pig blood from the thighs to the nose shouting something incomprehensible to the rest of the crew. Story was that a couple of years ago he lost his penis and tongue at the same time in an accident under the influence of amphetamine in the Rocky Goo mountains trying to mate with a moose who didn’t like the idea. He was lucky to survive but the consequences were pretty harsh. His job was to control the street while the other members of the gang robbed the bank. Ludwig otherwise known as Moose Lover was more of a distraction. Ray was in a nearby building with a 50 cal ready to snipe any motherfucker entering the street. Gatis the enlightened, Mario the trickster, Filippo the barbarian and Alexi the silent brute grabbed their sawed off double barrel shotguns, got off the truck and started walking confidently towards the bank. The adrenochrome was starting to have effect, their senses were sharpened and fear? What is fear? They forgot. Uncle brian, the wonder driver, was waiting in the truck chilling while eating his grapefruit and farting, ready to gas and drive like a magician when necessary. The outlaws entered the bank. The people couldn’t even shout from the fear, it was as if 4 demons straight from hell just entered the place. Covered in blood, long hair and beards, only with a little underwear even if pure winter and with an unusual for the times look of freedom and little of healthy craziness in their eyes ( the adrenochrome definitely didnt help with that….). Gatis growled with a voice that would make Satan sound like a toddler: “Obey, creatures of disgust”. Nobody moved a muscle, they were terrified, shocked and in awe at the same time as if aliens just entered the room. All was silent and proceeding as planned, Mario jumped over the desk and started cracking the bank code account. Easy task for the genious trickster. It was nearly to easy until Filippo saw an old slave calling 911. It was done, the police was arriving, Alexi, of cruel and hungry nature could not forgive. He jumped on him, poked his eyeball out with his finger and ate it on the spot, then slaughtered him with his machete. Things weren’t calm anymore. The zombie like people in the bank started yelling in tears frightened to death. Fil the barbarian lost his temper hearing the cry of the sheeple and started shooting with his double barrel shotgun to the head of those things. The crew started imitating him, all while laughing nearly to sickness. It was indeed great fun! Mario finally got the money, it was time to get out. Out of the bank the situation was chaotic. Police just arrived and Ludwig was throwing at them molotovs and old russian grenades, the little war was ended when ray made a triple head shot killing the last of them who weren’t burning or who still had arms. More of them were to come so the gang yelled to Lud the wig to come back to the truck fast. On his way back the moose lover tripped and banged his head fainting. Filippo immediately understood and went to grab his friend to tie him up on the roof of the truck. Ludwig was claustrophobic and hated closed places, if he awakened inside of the truck he would of been a way worse problem than the cops. Ray jumped with his human skin parachute from the building landing on the truck near ludwig kicking him in the balls for being so stupid. The crew was ready to flee from the the gulag city, happy of its bounty and gestures. Go Brian! GO!

The monster truck fueled with nitro and bone marrow was faster than any car around. This was a typical bank robbery for the group. They were already full of money, they did all of this just as a hobby. Now back to the tribe in the mountains where a huge meal of raw liver, fat and honey was waiting for them, of course with some baby blood to gulp it all down. Hail to the king they were chanting, hail to the tribe!!!!

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