I write this article with a broke heart, after i came to know from sources that were very near him, that Milkjar, one of my hall of famers, recently expired. A great character that heavily contributed to the development of the primal world and who was known, from people that knew him personally, for his brave, strong, joyful and honor based persona. 

It is well known the Milkjar’s predisposition towards modern society was not positive at all and it is for such reason that he took the parts of a Ukrainian militia faction that promoted traditional, anti modernist and anti communist values. There is nothing but respect for a man that died fighting for what he believed in and we, the founders of primal project, will always have him in our hearts. 

Here the text from Ludwig of Bearvalley, a dear friend of his:

“We kept in touch after Kiev 2018. He told me that he joined the Azov Milita. Because the spirit of the Kievan Rus Vikings and The free steeps Cosaks awaken within him and a free motherland Ukraine is corsing through his veins. So he took up arms and joined the war on the eastern front. I received a message from one of his comrades from the war that he had fallen like a hero fighting behind enemy lines.”

 Azov, an ultra nationalistic ,far right, militia battalion fighting in the eastern front of Ukraine against Russia

 I can only say, with tears in my eyes, that we will miss you, aryan brother, may you feast with glory in the halls of valhalla, may your sacrifice bring some light to this dark world. We will take inspiration from you and fight till death for what we truly believe in. For glory comrade!

The milkman with one of his best comrades, Ludwig of bearvalley.