Just saw this film for the 7th time, Quentin Tarantino is a genious and this film is just beauty. This though its the great power of hollywood, create incredible movies basing them on lies, to brainwash the masses. The main objective of this film is to create white guilt and black pride, making look europeans as enemy and chocolate cakes noble heroes. This is far from the truth, as always. Blacks have a major innate tendency towards degeneration and commiting crimes than white people, a simple observation without dogmatic pre instalments clearly shows this. Blacks commit more rapes, murders, thieves and atrocities of any kind than whites, it is well known. Blacks have often low iq’s coupled with high testosterone making them not in control of their actions, statistics say this, not me, just look at what europe has created vs what africa has created in history. On top of this the great slave masters of America were not really europeans, they were merchants from the desert, so if even all of this slave bullshit is remotely true, europeans and americans are not the ones that should have guilt. Many races have undergone extreme atrocities in history yet modern society seems only to remember the black american slaves and the holocaust. What about all the russians that got murdured because of the communist revolution guided by the same race that is now crying because of the holocaust? What about the native americans that got exterminated in an insane amount of suffering? What about all of the pagans that got slaughtered from the “heart loving” christians? What about the palestines that got invaded by Israel? Many populations had passed intense amounts of incredible suffering yet modernity focuses only on two groups: blacks and merchants. This films main objective is to make white people accept the blacks in their countries, with all of the degeneration they bring, because of white shame, and empower black people to treat europeans like trash because they think that they are psychopathic assholes that once enslaved them. Divide and conquer is the objective, if the whites and the blacks understood what the real problem is, instead of battling each other, then true problems for the system would arise.

Prodacle Armato