Well, this is a pretty good and enjoyable movie but its hollywood and NO movie comes out of there without a specific objective and without a precise mission to brainwash people in a particular field. This film is to condition the masses to avoid “extremes”, moderate and balance is good, extreme is bad – you can clearly notice this in the end of the film, when instead of living in the forest like noble humans beings eating meat and training hunting skills they are now in a farm studying for school and eating vegetables. Plus it also conditions people into thinking that you cannot make it in nature without the medical system, making the mum die of suicide because she doesn’t take her antidepressant pills soon enough XD. And last but not least it conditions people into thinking that people that love nature are communist when in reality its the opposite, communist love cities and the system, if there are people with a tendency towards enjoying natural life styles its right wingers, not leftists. DOWN THE SYSTEM POWER TO THE PEOPLE is the motto of the family, problem is that power is already of the people and that its democracy and its the abolition of aristocracy that created the system they so much hate. Another important matter that comes to my mind, which is probably the worst characteristic of this film, is the conditioning to make people think that your children would hate you for imposing them such a pure life, nothing more apart from the truth. In nature you would have alot of time to stay with your kids growing them with joy and dedicating them plenty of time, thing that you would not be able to do with a 9-5 job.

So the psyop objective of this film is to make people afraid of nature and make look people that practice such life style as communists. A very dangerous film for people with no “woke” glasses on since there are lot of lies mixed with truths, usual practice of the illuminati who perfectly know how human psychology works.