The aim of this project is to create communities. What type of community? An eco village? A gathering of people who eat raw meat? A bunch of new age hippies of the kind “love is the only answer? Fuck that. I want to create a tribe of savages, ready to join together like a pack of wolves, ready to do things even considered “bad” by society in order to defend the tribe. We are heading towards a world where there will be microchip vaccination, without the famous “mark of the beast” you will be a social outcast and maybe you won’t even be able to enter a super market anymore. Faced with this prospect, there are several possibilities:

  1. Accept the vaccine with all the psycho-physical and nefarious consequences that will follow.
  2. starve to death.
  3. hope for the support of some family member who accepts your wish not to be vaccinated with the knowledge that to all intents and purposes you are marginalized.
  4. to create communities based on pastoralism, hunting and “savagism” of people with balls ready to watch your back and do what is necessary for the welfare and survival of the tribe.
  5. to be a lone wolf under the same pretexts listed above.

Which option appeals to you more? Personally I only accept the fourth and fifth, I prefer the fourth by far because if I have to face difficulties I prefer to do it in groups.

I want to create packs of badass wolves ready for EVERYTHING to guarantee personal and group protection. People not stuck in Christian dogmas based on guilt, people ready to do things I can’t write here but always based on a code of honor and dignity.

No sheep allowed. No people saying: You can’t steal! You can’t kill! And other bullocks, if you know what I mean. No pseudo-Christian morals, it will be a group that will resume as much as possible the ideals of what would have been a Germanic or Slavic tribe in Roman times.

Wisdom, discipline, freedom, , honor and dignity will be the laws of the tribe. We need tough people, ready for hard times, not softened hippies who shit themselves at the first difficulty.

My project would be based on founding a mostly nomadic tribe, ready to move around Europe and who knows maybe even the world, with means that can go from boats, to campers and anything else that fate will put in our hands.

The Scythian model of nomadic warriors, is in my opinion a perfect model for survival in the world to come, much safer than a fixed and stable community as an ecovillage could be. We will basically need food, gasoline, water and weapons to create an almost total independence from what will be a totally alienating system that will begin to lay the foundations for transhumanism.

The food will have to be specific human species food in order to reduce as much as possible the presence of various types of diseases within the tribe. Perfect are the sheep, animals that are easy to breed, easily transportable in size and able to adapt to various types of climates and conditions. They will mostly give us milk. With nomadism it will not be necessary to buy land to allow these animals to graze, but it will be enough to enter rural areas and let the animals feed.

For meat, the sheep in the flock will sometimes be used, but it will also be necessary to learn how to hunt and my nomadic idea could be very useful here too. With milk and meat you can keep yourself more than healthy and strong, the food will be very important because the system will make sure to deprive us even more of those natural foods necessary for our health. With nomadism, grazing and hunting we should protect ourselves from society by creating a world as independent from it as possible.

It will be important to have mentally strong men in the tribe but also women, without whom it would be a group of bandits and not a tribe. Women who are essential to balance certain sides of the male within the group and create a serene and united group, but women who recognize the role of leadership to men without beginning to be modern “women”.

I think that once we create a cohesive group of young people united by a refusal of modern society and its Jewish Christian “values”,maintaining though values based on dignity and honor, independent both spiritually and materially from the macabre society , we could truly say that something important is being created, and that something is exactly what I intend to create and what I dream of. In the future, when I begin to see even a nuance in the happening of this project of mine, I will update this article more specifically, but for now I think I have made enough of an idea.