Well, it is clear to simple observation that this society is turning in a dangerous situation, but even if it wasn’t, the idea of living in a rural community with like minded people learning again the ways of nature does not sound bad at all. 

The idea of me and a couple of other young fellows would be to put away money to eventually buy a piece of land. The best bet for me would to buy it in the balkans, for different reasons:

-prices are very low

-laws are not that strict

-climate is good

-its very central and you can easily reach most parts of europe from them

-they are very rural

So the plan is to have our own animals and learn again all the skills needed to be nearly 100% independent from the system. Nobody is forced to stay year round on the land and can actually, if desired, invest in it as safe spot in case the system really goes nuts. You put money and you can have a hut there for whenever you want to pass by, you know you have a safe spot. 

To build a community though, you need to not have strong points in contrast with other people, for such reason there will be allowed no followers of abrahamic religions (christians,muslims,jews), no homosexuals, no vegans and no people that have to constantly brag about stuff and be a pain in the ass to others. We want to exit society to have a good time in peace and joy, if too many fights start within the community we might as well not even start one. One other type of person that would not fit in well in all of this is the new ager and the weed smoker. We do not want retarded ideologies and drugs to ruin what is a desire to return to health in all its forms, both physical and spiritual. 

Once surpassed this barrier, we do have some material requests. This is not because we want your money but because by putting money or anything that can really help the building of all of this you genuinely proof that you are really putting your heart in this and that you are not only blabber. 

Most people will have to put money, probably from 5000 to 10000, with some safe spots for people with good skills or ready to work really hard for all of this. In synthesis, the least money you put the more you will have to work. 

Lets make an example: Tim invests 20000 euros compared to jack that puts 0 but has good knowledge for building and handling animals. Tim is not forced to do much work since he invested so much, but he is not even allowed to be completely lazy and just eat the food the others made for him, but Jack on the other hand has to work a lot to compensate for the lack of investment. This is needed for a couple of reasons: money are energy, so it is not that Tim is just a rich asshole, he is investing in the project and helping it a great deal with his investment; a person there, that does not have work ethic but has also no money is a bargain on the community. It is one more mouth to feed that did not put anything and by doing so did not really proof he has at heart this whole idea. 

This community will not be a prison. For this reason it has to be sufficiently big so that, even if people have desire to travel, there will be always somebody taking care of the animals and of the land. Not everybody has intention of completely getting out of the system, maybe they will want to do 3 months in and the rest out, important thing will just to be organized and plan everything carefully so that in the land there will be always at least 3 people. 

Now lets pass at how we would like to have the land structured.

First of all, as much as it is nice to have a community and like minded people around, it is also of vital importance to have your private spot and if desired, to be left in solitude. The huts of every single member of the community will be carefully placed far from each other so that everybody can have their place of solitude and peace. There will then be a common spot where people can hang out together, eat and have fun. Would be very beautiful to have a spartan gym with weights and a wrestling mat so that people can build their strength and a great library of books full of wisdom.  

Everybody will have to put in a degree of work, even if they invested one million. You simply cannot stay on the land if you do not put effort in something, so in the beginning of every week there will be a schedule with the duties of everybody.

Example: Monday morning- Tim has to milk the sheep, Jack has to repair the fence, Stephen has to prepare the meat., John has to clean the kitchen ecc. 

Everything will be scheduled so that to avoid arguments inside the community such as” you never do anything, you are lazy” and bla bla bla. This makes it impossible for annoying people to attack without a reason. 

Before starting this project, obviously, we will have to do numerous meetings to meet each other and see if we actually like each other in real life. It already happened to me to have really good connection with people chatting on skype and whatsapp and then hating each other in real life, will not make this error again. For this and other reasons the idea of buying land will not happen before next summer.  With 50-100 thousand k in some places in the balkans you can literally buy a forest, so around that amount would be ideal to invest in land and to gather all of that money it will take time for us young lads.

This whole project is about cultivating joy for life, freedom and health. Grumpy people full of dogmas are far from being welcome, crazy nutters full of joy on the contrary are strongly desired. 

Hopefully women will also join but i hope people that are interested in this are not so stupid to sacrifice their freedom and will for a woman. 

I hope i passed a vague idea of what we are trying to create: an angle of freedom in a society based on slavery. 

If you want to contact us, write to us on insta. Have a good day.