I have to say, before you choose to have a consultation with me, that i’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist.

If you have serious health issues contact your personal physician, his big pharma based training and skills in the prescription of drugs will definitely be more useful to you than the nutrition and life style changes counsiled by me through 4 year studies of nutrition (of witch 2 entirely focused on Aajonus teachings) and 2 year primal personal experience. I am giving you TIPS , not health advice, that only the great medical cast can give. Modern medicine is perfect and heals absolutely everyone from the terrible bacteria and parasites that want to kill us all so all i can give you is my personal opinion, witch has no importance whatsoever because doctors are the only ones smart enough to understand how the human body truly functions with the rest of the population being mongoloids with no intellectual faculty.

This said ,let me present myself: as i said before i’m a student of the beautiful healing properties of nutrition from 4 years now, two of which passed deeply studying and analyzing the knowledge of Aajonus while experimenting what he said on my own precious body. This consultation is not only about diet but about all of those life style changes that can really improve your health and well being. While i have the humility to admit that i’m far from being on the same level of Aajonus in the understanding of the relationship between food and the organism, being himself a natural genius for that field, i definitely think that i can guide people in the use of this diet to quite a big degree, especially if they are not on the verge of death like most of the healers patients were. Primal way of eating is way more than, how others say, JUST EAT RAW MEAT, its a delicate dance and finding of balance based on your actual state of health and personal traits. So, if you discovered this way of eating and want a guide from someone with solid bases on human anatomy, fisiology, biochemistry, nutrition, nutrition history and philosophical knowledge about how food relates to the body, based on the experience of nearly two completely RAW primal years, you have probably found the right person. I would be glad and honored in sharing my thought, knowledge and experience about nutrition with whoever seeks it but as a matter of prevention i have to say that i don’t feel the competence to take responsibility for someone with serious health problems, as i think that the only one truly able to take such an oath would be Aajonus himself.

With the hope that I can contribute in making others people lives better,
Prodacle Armato

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