This fellow, that was once a good friend of mine (even if now unluckily for reasons i will not talk about here he is not anymore), has been fundamental for my spiritual growth and to craft and enhance my perception of the reality we live in. Even if at first glance he could appear like a not too bright person, i assure you this is far from being the truth. Ludwig has an intelligence and an intuition out of normal, coming to know before me of the great importance of our traditional ancient pagan european traditions, helping me in getting out of what was a “titanic” mindset induced by the philosophies from the sv3rige youtube channel. Unluckily our roads have gone different directions but he will always stay in my heart, i never had so much fun in my life as when in his company. Without him i would still be stuck in that state of being of when i wrote Bank robbery, time in which i saw life in a very similar manner to how our enemy see it.

In that period, necessary for me to get rid of abrahamic conditioning, i felt a sensation of emptiness, as if i was going against my deep profound Italic nature, if i was still in that state this project would of never been born. For such i thank you Ludde from my heart and we never know that one day we don’t meet again, even if maybe a certain line has been crossed.

With a hug,
Prodacle Armato