Julius Evola

To my knowledge Evola is the only one that truly understood the spirit of paganism, many people only talk about the superficial aspects of it, especially the nordics and the vargtards do not seem to understund the profoundity of the primordial european aryan spirituality. It apparently took an Italian to get again a true glimps of what was the real deal of our forefathers. He might not have blond hair or blue eyes, but trust me if i say that if an ancient aryan was resuscitated now he would surely rather pass his time with this fellow than with anybody of scandinavian “aryan” origin of nowadays. The deepness of his spirit and thought of him was necessary to comprehend the power of ancient roman, greek, norse, germanic, vedic, iranic, japanese, aztec and of all aryan cultures. He is a light in a pitch of darkness and we should all thank the gods if we can still put our hands on his work. At par with Aajonus, if not superior to him, in importance for my development as a person and for the start of this project. May your work inspire acts of eroism, noble baron of sicilly, without whom many of us would be lost in the dark sea of modernity, may your name be remembered as the one who reawakened the spirit of ROME.

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