Giovanni is a paleo style italian nutritionist, thanks to him i started digging in the rabbit hole of nutrition and one world order, since come on guys lets say it: once you understand how many lies they told you about nutrition, unless you are an idiot, you start thinking about how many other lies they could of told you. This tuscan fellow is a great researcher and from him i really learnt a lot about many things in different fields. Unluckily he is still brainwashed on many aspects and worst of all, he is a Christian. This said if i would not put him here i would do a great injustice since its mostly thanks to him if i actually decided to try other type of diets, its after i decided to cut on carbohydrates and up the meat that my mind got sharp enough to start to understand what was truly going on in the world. If i really didn’t consider it necessary i would not put him here, i really despise abrahamic followers, but he has been really important for my spiritual development and understanding of things.