This great youtuber of latvian origins has nearly reached 80000 subscribers and could not be absent in our hall of fame. Even though we have a very different point of view from his philosophies, “natural” ideologies and some of his actions, we have to put what is still a greatly original thinker of our times and one of the few that managed to see over the insidious shade of lies of modernity with its abrahamic dualism. Person with excellent rational skills he completed the vision of the primal diet on a philosophical, metafisical and analitical level, proving himself to be, for me and many others, a fundamental adjuvant in the complete comprehension of this style of life. The antichrist of the vegans and harsh opponent of modern society, he is famous for his anti-vegan protests being even arrested in the present England that looks more and more as the distopic reality of Orwell in the novel 1984, for eating a raw squirrel in public. In summary, a very interesting character of who we strongly suggest to watch his youtube material but with a pinch of salt and a sharp mind to avoid falling in the trap that: “eating raw babies is perfectly natural” or “the illuminati are the best human beings on this planet”. Leaving these thoughts of his by the side for a minute, we have to recognize that he is one of the only to have the courage to take his mask off and announce very controversial philosophies on a public platform, without shame or fear, showing himself, over the good and the bad, to have a decise philosophical soul, a very rare trait nowadays.

Prodacle Armato