We had to put this philippine lady in the hall of fame. Even though having a relatively small channel compared to other hall of famers, Asra is doing a really excellent job in promoting the primal way of life through a femininity that is, unluckily, very rare to see nowadays. Asra, that looks half as young as her age, shows herself eating raw meat in a heart touching and incredibly peaceful way, eliminating the dogma that this diet is only for barbaric men. The class and politeness of her manners demonstrate that an animal based diet increases feminility in woman and masculinity in men, the opposite of what the diabolic vegan diet does turning woman into testosterone machines and “men” into effeminate slaves for their wills. Asra is also a reminder for us occidentals of how a woman should really be: sweet, delicate and joyful. In general this asian woman is a perfect evidence of how much primal diet can help manifestate the true beauty of a human being and we for such are grateful of her existence.

Prodacle Armato