We will not write much about him as the pen can’t properly manifestate the immense love and respect we have for this star of the cosmo. We hope one day to meat this noble hearted soul in the halls of Valhalla. We will follow your example and bring war to this system even at the peril of our lives, like the heroes of antiquity. We don’t fear physical death but we fear the death of the soul in a world that is designed on purpose to crush it and we are having enough of it. We are tired of living in a world built that demonizes everything that rappresents beauty, strength and purity. A world of disgust and degeneration. So we decided to follow the steps of our friend Aajonus and of the mighty romans and choose ACTION over commiseration, hoping that other aristocratic spirited people join us in this journey full of danger and glory.

Prodacle Armato

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