Fruit and vegetables are full of biochemicals for defense, some more than others. The so called anti-oxidants of these foods are useless for the human body since animals have a completely different array of endogenous anti-oxidants that have nothing to do with the ones of the plant kingdom. These praised substances are actually toxic to our organism, especially if consumed regularly. The fact that something doesn’t kill you doesn’t mean it is healthy, eating spinach once in a while will do nothing, eating them even only once a week might predispose you to kidney stones. I am not an expert of pubmed and neither i do really care of scientific studies, but as you can see it is pretty easy to find not so positive effects of these “phytonutrients”. Many of these substances have an effect on tumorous cells, but this means nothing, it just means that these chemicals have cell killing properties and happen to be able to kill even tumor cells. If you actually know what a tumour is and what cancer is, you might understand that many of these tumours are probably caused in first place even by the plant toxins since they can kill cells and cause toxic deposits. This said, some of these fruits if consumed as medicine, not regularly and with saturated fat to protect against their toxins, can be used to extract from the body industrial toxins and heavy metals. I do not have the knowledge of such food combinations and quanitites to provoke this purge, unluckily the only one who had such was Aajonus. As always trying for yourself can say alot about how you can handle a food, as a rule of thumb nothing from the plant kingdom should be consumed regularly nor chronicly as in my opinion this is when the toxins of the plants can really start doing some damage. What worries me the most of these toxins is their ability to provoke epigenetic mutations and damage to dna strands plus many of them have profound effects on the psyche that can passed unnoticed if not careful. Here is a review of all fruits with the synthesis of what Aajonus said about them, my opinion and the main biochemical substances inside. If someone wants to help me with this work it would be really appreciated since finding valuable information is becoming more and more difficult.

I will cover most fruits in their independent articles in this section.