According to Aajonus apples stimulate the adrenal glands and are not good for people who need calming down. The fact that a fruit stimulates these glands makes me highly suspicious. I have alway been personally turned off by this fruit, it really looked unappealing and unnatural to my senses. It is heavily promoted by the system with retarded sayings such as one apple a day keeps the doctor away and it is a fruit heavily connected to the bible. Of valuable in apples we have the bio-available water and the little vitamin c.

The main tools of defence of this hybridized fruit are the phytochemicals quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid. In the seeds we have cyanide which can even leed to death. Querchetin destroys rat kidneys. Catechin damages liver

I think this is a greatly over rated food, if its appealing to you eat it, I pass.