This section is not only for me to be filled. Here I want to put experiences of people related to their primal diet lifestyle adaptation, how they found the diet, the benefits, the difficulties, their observations on the psyco physical changes it induced.

In other case, if you had a incredible, nearly esoteric magical experience that happened in your life, I would be glad to put it here.

If you had a very bad experience, trauma of any sort, have been tricked in weird ways i will also put it here, if you desire to share your experience.

Stories of reawakening from the lies of society and in general the path of awaking from this stupid modern society would also be appreciated.

Anything cool or valuable you want to share about an event in your life i will put it here and, after my examination and validation, if it is fit for my website,(no stupid crap such as femminism, sjw shit, written really badly, of abrahamic conditioning ecc.) i will gladly translate it in italian and post it in this section, and if i feel like it would be an added value i will also write my opinion on the lecture.

Cannot wait to read your experiences 🙂